Friday, December 6, 2013

Merry Christmas

As I end this weeks blog post and since it is the last one for 2013, I wanted to take just a moment to wish each of you a Merry Christmas.  The holiday rush and stress is beginning at our home already and I constantly have to remind myself that Jesus is the we have Christmas.

Sisters, here is a little something that God planted in my mind the other day during my quiet time.  I want to share it this you.

Twinkling lights on a trimmed tree;
Carolers singing Christmas melodies.

Moonlight glistening on new fallen snow;
Santa dressed in red from head to toe.

Suddenly memories flood my mind
of the night that brought hope to mankind.

Shepherds stood in awe
at the bright Star they saw.

In the manger, cattle and sheep
sensed what was to come and did not sleep.

A father and mother welcome a babe
Jesus, the world He came to save.

Merry Christmas dear sisters!  Enjoy the fun and laughter.  Make lots of memories.  Eat tons of chocolate (I plan to).  Most of all pause in the rush to remember Jesus and why He came to earth.

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Sara said...

Beautiful! I had to steal it!