Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Ten Years

May 26. 2007 - May 26, 2017
To Our Oldest....Kacie and Chase Hicks!  We love you!

Blubbering Vivi

One of the difficult sides of ministry life is living several hours away from family.  As you know God calls us to go to the ends of the earth to share the gospel and we obey.  Because our lives are filled with ministry responsibilities, it is sometimes difficult to travel back “home” often.

My husband and I have been fortunate to live fairly close to our family over the years.  Only once have we lived eight hours away.  For the past five years, we have been fortunate to live eight minutes from our two grandsons and now two hours away from our four-month old granddaughter.  Yes, we have been blessed. However, there is a change coming.

Every week for the past two years, our two grandsons, now four and half years old and 23 months, have spent Wednesday night with us.  On Thursday morning, I drop them off at Mother’s Day Out.  This past week was no different than any other week except that it was my last time to take them to MDO.  In a few short weeks, these precious boys along with their parents will be relocating to another state and will be five and a half hours away instead eight minutes.

As I left Mother’s Day Out that morning, tears began to fall.  By the time I reached my car, I was sobbing.  My heart was breaking into pieces because I realized we would not see our grandsons on a daily basis like we do now.  There will be no more daily adventure walks.  We will not be able to drive to the lake to watch the ducks and turtles.  Daily bubble wars in the backyard will end.  The sand in the sandbox will actually stay in the backyard and not in the house.  What is this Vivi going to do?

As for our family, we love spending time together.  We may gather in our home for an impromptu barbeque or head to the ball park to watch a game.  We try to get together at least once a month if possible.  Now our gatherings will be few and far between.  We will need to juggle everyone’s busy schedule, school dates, and church responsibilities.  Let’s just say this Mama is struggling!

However, I plan to do a few things that hopefully will keep our family connected.  Besides Skype/Facetime, I plan to make little surprise boxes for my grandsons.  They love getting “prizes” from Vivi and Preacher Man aka my husband.  I will also create more Shutterfly books for my grandbabies.  I love writing stories about our adventures and the funny things each of my grandchildren do.  Hopefully, these books will help Gideon and Jude remember the fun times we have had together and introduce Hazel Grace to her silly boy cousins.

I am sure in time I will adjust to being a long distance ViVi. When we are able to gather as a family, I plan to relish in those days.  When we get to have our grandchildren for a weekend or a week, we will return to our favorite places to watch the ducks and hunt for turtles.  I am sure we will have World War III with bubbles and have a movie marathon watching old Road Runner and Coyote reruns. 

For now, here is what I need from you.  I am calling on all Mama’s and Grandma’s to share how you stay connected to your children/grandchildren when they are long distances away.  I am quite sure there are other sisters in ministry who have struggled with or are struggling with letting their children go off to faraway places like me.


We are all different.  No one is the same.  That is what makes life interesting.

We have two children.  They were raised the same, but are completely different.

We tried to arrange for ALL OF US to go on vacation together, but it was not possible this year....therefore, Roger and I will be going on two smaller vacations....with each child.

First....we will be camping with our son and daughter-in-law on Dale Hollow Lake and kayaking the Obey River.  Did I mention TENT camping?  Wheww.....we use to tent camp with our children and thought it was fun.  Cheap and fun. 

We are OVER that. 

I came home from work one day and Roger had ordered a tall instant tent that sets up in a few minutes.  He also ordered a 22" air mattress that inflates instantly.  His plans are to take the fan...........and enjoy a time of kayaking, fishing and camping with our kids.

We are that we got the "old peoples" camping equipment.  Smile.

Next....we will be going to Daytona Beach, FL to spend some time with our daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

They are staying almost two weeks.............we are just crashing their party for a few days.

This vacation will involve the grandchildren spending the night with us and many hours playing in the sand and pool with them.


In church....we are all different too.  We just have to accept that we are different and learn to work around that.  We need to accept people as they are and not try to change them.

Different is takes all kinds of folks to make a well rounded church.  All members can not be treated the same............they are all different and must be treated accordingly.....just as our children are different and we have to treat them accordingly also.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Closed for Summer....

Be careful....don't blink your eyes because it will open back up
for teachers the end of July.
Hello, Summer! -- (A Last Day of School Poem)
Gregory K.

Goodbye, classroom!
Goodbye, Teach!
You can find me at the beach...
Or in the park or at the pool
Or any place that isn’t school.

Goodbye, quizzes!
Bye, reports!
Hello days packed full of sports
And days when I’m just lazybones
While eating melty ice cream cones.

Goodbye, homework --
Lunchroom, too.
There’s so, so much I wanna do.
I know the school year flew on past…
But please, please summer -- last and last.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Life is not Always Fair!

Life is not always fair.

I know we are not suppose to question things, but sometimes it is hard.

We know a family who has a daughter that is right at 3 years old.  At ten months old the daughter was diagnosed with MPS (Hurlers Disease; a rare, incurable disease.)  Mom would up and had to move to Cincinnati, OH for months while their daughter prepared for a bone marrow transplant.  The transplant does not cure the simply slows it down.  The little girl is currently facing numerous surgeries in her upcoming future.  She wears glasses and braces on her legs and back.  Google it.  It is a very MEAN disease.

For a child to be born with this disease, both mom and dad have to be carriers.  Because of this, they were not planning to have any more children.  As we all know....sometimes God has other plans.  Even, with birth control, mom got pregnant.  Soon they discovered that the new baby was a boy.  He was born two weeks ago this coming Friday.  Because sister has MPS....they tested brother as soon as he was born so see.  He had a 25% chance of having it.  OR....a 75% chance of NOT having it.....whichever way you choose to look at it.

Everyone...including mom and dad....felt like God gave them this baby.  They tried to prevent the pregnancy, but God had other plans.

They have been anxiously awaiting the results.

Monday......they got the results.  Brother has MPS also.  They begin their traveling back and forth next week to Cincinnati, OH for treatments and preparations for the bone marrow transplant that can not take place until he is two months old.  They will be also preparing to move to Cincinnati, OH where he can receive the medical care that he needs.  Mom and sister will be going with him.  Dad has to stay here to work.

PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR THIS FAMILY.  They are a Christian family and fully trust in Him.

Pray for dad as he is left behind....and traveling back and forth on weekends to see his family.

Pray for mom, sister and especially baby brother.

Keep praying for sister also.  Her MPS journey has just began and now brother will be traveling the same road.

There are different degrees of the disease.  Brothers could be worse than sisters or not as bad as sisters.

PLEASE life this family up in your prayers............the Ladd Family from Tennessee.  For over two years we have prayed for Baby we are adding Baby Lincoln to our prayer list.

LIFE IS NOT FAIR..................but....we only see the window....God sees the big picture and we have to keep reminding ourselves........God is STILL in control.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

From the Mouth of Babes

As I sit pondering this blog, I am outdoors watching and listening to my four and half year-old grandson, Gideon, use his imagination in play.  He is a true blessing from God.  He is smart and his mind goes so fast it is hard to keep up.

I have just finished my quiet time which was in Jonah.  Before I began, I asked Gideon if he minded if I read my Bible while he played.  He said, “Vivi, you can read your Bible anytime you watch me play.” (Wow, he gets that we can read God’s word any time and any place). 

Next I told him that I was reading from the story of Jonah and asked if he knew who he was.  “Of course, I do, Vivi.  Jonah was swallowed by a whale because he didn’t do what God wanted him to do,” replied Gideon.  My heart smiled as I knew this boy is being taught biblical truths by church leaders and his parents.

The next lesson Gideon taught me was that we all must obey God.  “Vivi, when Jonah told God he was sorry, the whale spit him out and Jonah started doing what God wanted him to do,” stated Gideon.  Yep, when we tell God we are sorry, our life gets better as we pursue God’s plan for our lives.

Although I knew all these facts, the simple lesson provided by my precious little one warmed my heart.  It really has nothing to do about being a minister’s wife.  However, maybe it does.

First, our schedules get so hectic.  We rush from one thing to another.  Some days it seems there is not a minute to spend with the Lord.  One thing I have learned is that I can have five to ten minutes a day with the Lord.  For instance, after power walking I cool off.  This is when I often take my devotional and I sit by the pond and read His word for a few minutes.  No, it is not an hour of study but my time in The Word renews my soul.

Second, sometimes as ministry families we can refuse to follow the Lord’s direction.  Maybe a church is calling us but we want to stay where we are.  If you have ever experienced this situation, you know God will send “a whale” to get our attention and redirect us. 

Third, all too often our congregations think ministry families are perfect and thus never sin.  Well, the truth is that we are all sinners and have fallen short of God’s glory.  Each day I must ask the Lord’s forgiveness for some unkind thought or an action I have done.  I will never be perfect until I reach my heavenly home.  I have found that when I am out of God’s will my life is miserable.  Since I am a stubborn person, I will fight against God’s discipline until I am exhausted and emotionally drained.  However, when I come to Him and ask for forgiveness, my Heavenly Father restores me and I am more in tune to His purpose for my life.

So, little Gideon reminded me of simple truths from the book of Jonah.  As the saying goes, “a child will lead them.”



Have I mentioned to you that I HATE change?  I would like to blame it on my age, but all through my life I have not been a fan of change.  I like comfort.  Comfort comes with familiar things.  Change is scary.

Our 6th grade Science teacher is retiring.  We will have a new teacher next year.  Our band director is retiring.  We will have a new band director next year.  Our principal has been transferred to another school, so we will have a new boss next year.  Our school secretary is getting married and moving, so we will have a new secretary next year.

This is just to name the changes that I am currently aware of.


I do not like change.....although I know that it is necessary.
I have found out that our new, incoming principal is a lady that was at our school a few years back as a teacher.  She is a wonderful Christian lady and while working with her as a co-worker, I really respected her.  She has a passion for her job.
And....I know my current boss is at a point in her life where the "change" for her is a good move.
So....all in years changes will all work out and I need to quit stressing.

All of this being said.............I dodge change and then I wonder WHY our older members tend to lean on the fact that "we've always done it this why change?"  Smile.

We have been at the same church, ministering for going on 21 years.  We have seen LOTS of changes.  Changes are scary.  Changes run folks off.

BUT.....changes are not always bad.  We are old-school, but did not want to sit and watch our church die............therefore to reach the younger generation....the millennials.....we had to do some changes.

We prayed and prayed about it.  Because....remember, change is not always welcomed.

After much prayer, we concluded that the MESSAGE is the same;  the GOSPEL is still the same; GOD is still the same......the only thing that needed to be changed was the way it was delivered.

EXAMPLE:  We had always had a music director with a choir and the Baptist Hymnal.

We NOW have a worship team that sings hymnals and contemporary music.  It is a PERFECT blend.  Even our older members are loving it.  The words are projected on the big screen........and the older generation that was opposed to that initially finally discovered that it was MUCH easier to read from the screen than the little print in the hymnal.

Yes.....we lost a few members in the process.......but we gained many, many more members.  As I have blogged before, our little country church runs about 75-85 in Sunday School and about 100-125 for preaching and at least 85% of those are under the age of 35-40 years old.

CHANGE is scary................because we fear the unknown..............but change is not always a bad thing.

Let's strive to be open to change.......whatever it takes to reach the lost.

That is just ONE way that our church has changed

Monday, May 22, 2017

It is THAT time of Year...

Being a school is THAT time of Year!

The students have been OVER IT since after Spring Break and especially after the TCaps.

The teachers are OVER IT also.

NOW....we are just wrapping things up.....tearing down bulletin boards, cleaning, packing things up, getting grade cards ready.....working on permanent records.....all while watching those few students that keep coming to school...................even though we are not taking attendance.  Smile.  WHEWWWWW.........

Tomorrow is the students' last day.  Wednesday the teachers will have a work day and Thursday, they will drop by and pick up their final grade cards..............THEN.....we are officially on SUMMER BREAK......UNTIL....July 31st when it ALL BEGINS AGAIN.

Seriously....I am so ready for a break, but some of the students I will really miss.  This has been a very "difficult" year.  We have had an odd bunch of 98 sixth graders.  Each of them have a story to tell.  Many of the stories are sad.  After spring break, I had them to type me a story about their spring breaks.  It was sad................visiting mom......visiting getting being sent off.  Bless them!

Every year it seems as if the numbers of "sad situations" get more and more.  I guess it is another sign of the end of time.

I am asking you right now to PRAY for Our our students....I mean all of the students in the U.S.A.  They are faced with obstacles that we never dreamed of as students.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

"I Want You to Read This . . ."

My husband asked me to a read a book.

In the 18 and nearly a half years we have been married, he has never asked me to a read a book.

We've read the same books before, but this time, he finished this particular book and asked me to read it.

When I asked where his copy was, he said that he wanted me to get my own copy so I wouldn't be influenced by this underlining and marginal notes.

I did not hesitate, but reached for my phone, selecting the Amazon app and ordered the book. Thanks to our Prime membership, in two days I held it in my hands, took a deep breath and opened the paperback to the first pages.

What is this page turner you ask?

No, it isn't a novel. It isn't the latest offering of his favorite theologian. Honestly, it isn't even spiritual in nature....

It's a business book. No, I guess it is better described as a leadership book.

I haven't finished it yet, I am only about half through.

It's a good book and is making me think. The book has brought some new ideas to my attention, and is changing how I am approaching my job at the church. There are implications for my personal walk with Christ and the direction He is giving me for ministry.

What IS this book you ask?

I am not going to tell you.

This post isn't about the book despite all the words I have dedicated to its credibility and  effectiveness. Instead, it is about the man who suggested I should read it.

Honestly, if a pastor suggests a book that would grow me and challenge me, most days I would be more likely to buy that book from Amazon then one I've seen my husband read.

Yet, when MY man stepped up into his leadership role and kindly, suggested that I read this particular book, I didn't hesitate to buy it OR invest the time needed to read it. He knew it would be good for me, for us, that I would read it... I chose to trust him and his leadership.

I am so glad I did.

In the past few weeks, it has spurred more thoughtful conversations and great dialogue between us. I am pointing out a news story I saw on a network morning show. He is emailing me a blog post that addresses the book's themes. We are talking how these secular themes could be translated into the sacred work of the church.

I love it.

I love him.

I don't write this to make you green, wishing your husband would be more like mine, but to encourage you to look for a few things:
  1. Have you missed an opportunity to bond with your man because you too quickly dismissed something he has interest in or has tried to talk to you about, as being boring or uninteresting?
  2. Could he be trying to lead you and your family, but you are too caught up in your own agenda or interests that you've failed to give him the opportunity? 
  3. Have you prayed that your groom would be a spiritual leader within the home and not merely at church?
If I am honest with you, I'd answer the above questions this way:
  1. Yes, too many times to count.
  2. I am afraid that is too often true.
  3. No, not like I should be. 
Sometimes, as women carrying the weight of Eve's curse, we get in our own way. 

Let's commit to pray to allow the Spirit to show us where we should apologize to our husbands and how we can be a better helpmate to him. 

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to try to finish another chapter before bed tonight...

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Biggest Story

One of my favorite aspects of my job is leading chapel time with the older preschoolers of our weekday preschool program.

At each gathering, I hold a Bible before the children and they recite with me a few basic facts about the Good Book - "It's God's word. It's always true. It's one big book with lots of little books."

In the faith-based program, we intentionally teach the children various stories from the Bible. However, it is hard to explain to these little ones that each individual Bible story is merely a small part of the large story of the Bible.

For Easter, my husband and I gave each our daughters books that would point them toward the true reason for the holiday. The one we got our middle daughter is truly the coolest.

Kevin DeYoung's "The Biggest Story," does a truly beautiful job explaining how all those little books and individual stories are connected into the most epic of true stories.

As I read aloud "How the Snake Crusher Brings Us Back to the Garden," to my girls, I was struck how this "Biggest Story" can impact my perspective too.

The Bible isn't just a book to turn to when things get rough. It isn't just something that we pull out on Sundays or to prep for Vacation Bible School. It isn't just some list of ancient truths that we can apply to our modern lives.

Just as I wrote in my last post, the Bible is SO many things, but it is also the true story of how our Creator God has gone to incredible lengths to redeem His people and bring us back into fellowship with Him.

He is the main character of this true epic.

Yet, the story does not end with the book of Revelation. It is still being written on the tablets of our hearts with the details of what He is doing with our lives.

As believers, we have been grafted into this tale. It is all written in His Great Book of Life - along with the ending, that we have yet to see.

When Christ returns and ALL the promises of the Bible are fulfilled - then the happiest of ever after's will come to pass. He will be ultimately glorified and we will be made perfect.

His Word, this "biggest story," is a reminder that our lives are not really about us. My life, by His grace, is just a very minor role in the most amazing love story ever imagined.

Perhaps next school year when I lead the preschoolers in reciting factual statements about the Bible I will change it up a bit or add a new fact:

 "It's God's word. It's always true. It's one big book with lots of little books. AND it is one amazing story with lots of little parts."

Thank you Lord for giving us as believers a part of your story....

Monday, May 15, 2017

the Bible - What I Say & What I Live

The Bible.

What do you believe about it?

Do your actions and attitudes back up what you'd say you believe?

I have had the privilege and honor of preparing some Bible studies for this coming weekend - on the Bible.

The focus of these studies aren't "apologetic" in nature. I am not trying to defend my belief in the Bible. Nor am I trying to explain how the canon, the Old and New Testaments, were decided upon, but rather, I am expanding and exposing what I would say I have always believed about the scriptures.

It is more than 66 smaller books bound under one title. It is greater than the 40 some human co-authors the Spirit inspired used to place ink on parchment. While, I fully believe in God's wisdom in selecting the 3 original languages it was written in, there is most definitely something more than just translations of ancient texts.

No, the Bible is not metaphorical stories with good moral lessons.

Yes, the Bible is a factual, historical collection of documents that science is more often than not, proving reliable and true.


It is so much more.

It is inherent and true. All of it, to be believed as it is written.

It is God's revelation of Himself, to us, His creation. Living on this side of the cross, having the HUGE grace of being able to learn about Him through the written word is an incredible blessing.

It is alive. (Isaiah 40:8)

It is powerful. (Romans 1:16-17, 1 Corinthians 1:18)

It is purposeful. (Isaiah 55:11)

It is profitable. (2 Timothy 3:16)

It is perfect and proven true. (Psalm 18:30)

Confession time - I have more copies of God's Word then I can lay hands on. I have a couple of digital copies on my phone and iPad. I leave it sit around on various surfaces in my house, including my floor. I go days without really opening it, much less really reading it....

In it are the words of Life. yet, I take my ease of access to it for granted. And, all too often, it is the last place I go to for direction, help and hope.

Can you relate?

Through my study, I have become convicted. I treat the Bible way to casually. In my familiarity of it, I have lost my reverence for it.

Today I have found myself overwhelmed with the demands of my job, my commitments, and my family. A friend texted a paraphrased truth found in scripture and I, literally, felt the direction, help and hope I needed.

The theme verse for our studies this weekend is Psalm 119:114 and in a very real way was proven true to me today:

"You are my hiding place and my shield;
I hope in your word."

Forgive me Lord.
Thank You for Your grace.
Thank You for Your word and ALL that it is....

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I Must Stop Wanting to Re-Create!!

At 2:00 a.m. this morning I arrived home from a two week trip to California!  Don't be hate-en.  You can be a bit jealous, but no hate-en.  Besides, it was chilly and not much sun during week two.  It is now 7:30 a.m. and I am up because I really, really REALLY needed to get a least one post this week before the week (and my turn) is over!  You see, I was having major technical difficulties using my ancient IPad....apparently blogger and my IPad have an on-going issue because I can never seem to get the two of them to cooperate and work together!!  Hummm.....I know people like church.

Last week I received the following text from my brother:

Any chance you have any pics of the four of us as kids that we could "re-create".

Oh Yes!! Did I ever have pictures!! I found several and this was the one he picked for us to "re-create".  Aren't we precious?

This was the 'gem' that we would 're-create' when we all gathered from Indiana, Texas, and northern California at brother number two's home in (normally) sunny California (but, right now? not-so-sunny California!).  (Yes, that's right!  Present tense!  I actually wrote most of this on that frustrating IPad but it hates me and would NOT show most of it....I'm now operating on little sleep and digressing....)

I searched for a long sleeve white shirt...check! Then a black sweater....check! The red headband....not so easy to find, but, wha-la!!! Walmart comes through again! I was all set to "re-create" this pic!

Here is the end result!

We definitely tried to recreate the picture. As much as we tried, however, it just was not the same! Years changed us in size, OBVIOUSLY!!  We no longer had the same clothing or hair styles or couch to sit on.  We were not the same.

It hit me that I want to recreate lots of things.  Events.  Friendships I have had in the various places we lived.  I want to recreate churches we have served.  Women I have mentored. Communities we have been a part of.  Experiences.  Jobs.

Often times I want to recreate the days when we were first married or when our children were small or when times just seemed easier.  Funner.  Happier.  Simpler.

Lately I have had many conversations with other women who also struggle with this very thing.  Wanting. Longing for the way things were when they were _________________ (fill in the blank).

They miss the church they served before.  The discipleship group they had community with.  The ebb and flow their marriage had.  The relationship with God that just doesn't seem the 'same'.

These conversations revealed to me that, apparently, I am not the only one who struggles with wanting to 're-create' life.  People.  Circumstances. Events. Etc.

It reminds me of when Peter exclaimed to the Lord in Matthew 17:4 "Lord, it's wonderful for us to be here! If you want, I'll make three shelters (or tabernacles) -- one for You, one for Moses, and one for Elijah."

As he was saying this a voice spoke from the clouds and the disciples were terrified and fell on the ground face down!!!  Jesus comes and tells them to get up and to not be afraid!!!

Can you imagine!! Oh please, Lord!! Keep things just like this!!! Us, You, Moses, Elijah all hanging out.  This is awesome!! Don't change a thing, God! This is as good as it gets!! Don't ever wanna go back to real life and real people that's for sure!!

The next thing you know they find themselves face down on the ground cause they heard a "voice"!!! Then Jesus tells them to "get up" and "don't be afraid"!

Wait! What?? What happened to "it's wonderful to be here"?

I wonder how many times Peter or James or John wanted to "re-create" that event?? Can you hear them thinking or saying...'Remember how great that time was?  Remember when it was just us three on the mountain? Remember when we didn't have to deal with all of these crazy people??'

Jesus had more for them though.  And He has more for us.  He knows that we have a tendency to make amazing events or churches or communities or small groups or jobs or whatever an idol.  We can worship them rather than worship Jesus.

The beautiful and great thing is that God is about doing things new!  Creating vs re-creating!

  • His mercies are new every morning.
  • He is creating a new heaven and a new earth
  • We are to sing new songs to Him
  • We have become a new person in Christ
  • He has given us a new heart and a new spirit

Why should we long for the old? Why should we long to "re-create" something when He has new things for us? The disciples were willing to settle for tabernacles when Jesus was going to show them something greater and better and amazing-er than that!!

I must focus on creating instead of re-creating!!  I must quit longing for what was and be thankful for what is.  What is the thing you keep wanting to re-create?

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Waiting for Answers

“Wait for and confidently expect the Lord: Be strong and let your heart take courage; Yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.”  Ps. 27:14

I am not good at the waiting game.  As a child, I could not wait for my birthday or Christmas.  I LOVE surprises so I would grow more anxious the closer those dates grew.  My mom would just say, “Be patient and wait.”  Well, being patient and waiting are not in my makeup and God is certainly teaching me those lessons now.  As a minister’s wife, one would think I would have this successfully passed this lesson long ago.

For weeks now I have been praying the same prayer daily for my two sons who are in job transitions.  I even half joked to my mom in ministry that God was probably tired of my same prayer.  She quickly stated that God never grows tired of hearing the pleading heart of his children. Well, I am still pleading and waiting.

That is when I ran across the Psalm 27:14 again in my quiet time.  Yes, it says wait.  I know God’s timing is perfect but my heart is anxious.  However, I am learning to be thankful for this waiting period because it means God is up to something.

Then the verse says to “confidently expect the Lord.” Wow, although I have read this verse many times, these words boldly stuck out.  These words show action on my part.  I need to confidently expect God to answer my prayer at just the right moment so that He alone can receive praise.

These past few weeks I have slowly been placing these two very important request in the Father’s lap.  Sure, at times I go back, pick them up, and worry with them.  However, I am truly trying to be strong and be courageous.  I have several friends praying with me on this matter.  Two different ladies who do not know each other said the same thing “God did not place your sons in dream jobs and open doors to come back and yank it from them.  They just have to persevere through this trial period.” 

So yes, as a minister’s wife I will keep storming Heaven’s throne room, confidently pleading with my Father to do even more than I, or my sons, can imagine.  Until God answers I will wait and be confident.

Monday, May 1, 2017


At times, I think I am one of the worst people in trying to convey a message.  My brain will be thinking one thought and inevitably my words will be jumbled in a text message.  I will immediately receive a response back stating, “What?” 

Recently, a dear friend relayed the humorous but embarrassing message that her college-age son sent to his college-age girlfriend who was in Florida on a scuba diving trip.  The girlfriend had posted on Facebook that she was sunburned.  My friend’s son reply was auto-corrected (don’t we just LOVE that little feature on text or social media).  He thought he was posting, “Why are you sunburned?  Aren’t you underwater?” Instead, the message said, “Why are you sunburned?  Aren’t you in underwear?”  Oops!  Thankfully, the girlfriend and her parents knew this young man’s character and knew immediately that the reply was a blooper.  Everyone had a big laugh but my poor friend’s son was so embarrassed. 

Miscommunication is a common occurrence in the ministry world.  If unresolved, it can lead to disunity among the church body and can ruin friendships.  It can often lead to gossip and damage reputations.  More importantly when miscommunication happens within the church and causes disunity, it damages the church’s witness in the community. 

Sadly, miscommunication is in every area of our lives.  I cannot tell you how many times I have had to apologize for stating something the wrong way or in an unloving way. Once I had a terrible experience with a company.  As I called to talk to a representative about the issue, I became even more frustrated with the situation and took it out on the poor person on the other end of the line.  After the phone call ended and I had a couple of hours of cooling off, God impressed on me to call the representative back and apologize.  Thankfully, I had a direct number to her desk.   I made the call and the woman was in shock.  She told me that no one had ever called to apologize to her for their mistakes.  Girls, I pray my words did not prevent this woman from forming a distaste for Christians.

As ministers’ wives, it is hard sometimes not to lash out at the people in our congregation.  I want to challenge each of us to find ways to carefully communicate in loving ways to the people around us.