Monday, February 8, 2016

Time in the Word

My life these days consist of trying to juggle daily babysitting schedules for my two grandsons.  In between the playtime, cuddles, feedings, diaper changes and potty time, I have to figure out how to manage me.  The washer and dryer run constantly since a three year old and an eight month old get dirty constantly. Of course, cooking the evening meal is like an Olympic game with a three year old running circles around my kitchen island and trying to entertain the baby.  Let’s say just this Vivi gets tired and there are many early mornings when I would much rather sleep in than have my quiet time with the Lord.

However, today was a little different.  I do not have three year old Gideon so things are a little quieter in the house.  I do have 8 month old Jude.  Instead of settling down in my comfy corner chair in my bedroom for my quiet time, I decided to sit in the floor next to Jude.  I read aloud the scripture and devotional guide all while he laughed and played with his toys.
However, I noticed one thing.  While I was holding the Bible, Jude kept reaching for it.  Finally, I placed my Bible on the floor in front of him.  He grabbed the Word, pulled it to his chest and hugged it.  Now that is a picture!  Wow, shouldn’t we be anxious to pull the Word into our hearts and hang on tight to the promises of God?

Yes, our lives are busy and consumed with a whole host of “To Do” items on our list.  However, from the simple actions of my precious Jude, who watches everything I do, I will make time to be in God’s Word daily.  When I have my grandchildren with me, we will not just talk about the Bible and sing Veggie Tales “Silly Songs with Larry,” we will actually read a verse from the Bible and hug it tight in our hearts.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

He Makes All Things New

Hello Ladies!

I hope this New Year finds each of you doing well! For me, the coming of a new year always symbolizes hope and new beginnings, a time to make a fresh start. It’s a good time for a do-over or maybe even a do-better, to make an intentional change in the way we did things in the past year or past years.

As I contemplate new beginnings, there is a verse in Isaiah that came to mind. This verse became very dear to me about 2 years ago when I was going through a rough time with someone very close to me. As I went through this situation, I would try to encourage myself by thinking, “ This will get better” and “This terrible time won’t last always” and “Surely there must be an end in sight.”

However, nothing encourages like the Word of God! The precious verse that brought me such peace was Isaiah 43:19. The New American Standard version says it like this,

Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.

Such delightful promises in this verse!

First, The Lord makes a definitive statement, “I will”! Whenever I see those words associated with God speaking, I know for a fact that God WILL do exactly as He says because He is so faithful and we can trust Him to act. Also if God is making something new, then we can be assured that whatever is being made over, it will be much, much better, a thousand times better!

The verse also says that it will happen “now”. Now means without delay, in the present, at the exact moment, or immediately. Yet, God’s “now” may not be the same as our “now”. He has an appointed time when we will be complete with going through whatever we are going through. He does not dwell in time as we do, so once again, we have to trust Him that He is sovereign and has a definite end to the specific trial or trials that we find ourselves in.

Next, the Lord asks a question, “Will you not be aware of it?” I am a firm believer that the Lord does not waste pain, heartache, or suffering. There is a purpose to it all; we may not be aware of God’s plan, but He is working all things for our good. We all know and can quote Romans 8:28, that God works out all things for our good, but do we really believe that? Remember, the promise of that verse can only be claimed by those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. God has a purpose. End of story. We just have to trust Him and not forget that He is faithful to His word. I hope we are seeing the fact that we cannot get around trust when it comes to believing God!

Finally, in the last two lines of this verse, I see “roadways in the wilderness” and “rivers in the desert”. A wilderness is full of thick foliage, and sometimes it is hard to see your way through; deserts are sometimes barren, dry places with very little life and vitality. What these two lines spoke to me was……The Lord can take a seemingly impenetrable and impossible situation and turn it around and bring hope out of it. Wow! Isn’t our God Awesome!

My sisters, since we’ve come through the first month of 2016, let us press on to all of the “new” things that Our Savior has for us this year. Remember, God has a plan for all of us, and HE WILL bring it to pass, because He is Faithful; and after we have come through the trials of life, HE MAKES ALL THINGS NEW.

Saturday, January 30, 2016


A HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY to this little energetic, fun-loving, stubborn, precious little girl..........our granddaughter, Kinley Grace.
Her birthday is on February 10th, but I will not be blogging that week......

Also...a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Daughter-in-law, Melanie,
whose birthday is February 2nd......a ground hog baby.  Smile.

February Birthday Girls......Kinley Grace and Aunt Melanie.

Enjoying the wee bit of snow they got....with big brother, Cameron and Momma.

Snowman Goodbyes!

Friday, January 29, 2016

URGENTLY Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Ladies....I mentioned Tuesday that being a pastor's wife is both "Public" and "Lonely" and that fellowship with other Pastor's Wives is what gets us through the valleys................

I just want to let you know that as you are reading this............I am at our 2016 Bi-Vocational Ministers and Wives Retreat and the theme this year is "URGENTLY Passing the Faith to the Next Generation."

Last night was wonderful.............. is always great to see old friends.  This is our 16th Conference to attend, so we've made life-long friends from other parts of the state that we always plan to meet half way during the year, but everyone is so busy it doesn't happen.  The first day of the Treat is always like a homecoming.

Today....Danny & Rhonda Sinquefield will be speaking to us about "Loving Them Through the Hard Times" and our beloved Jeanne Davis will be talking to the wives about "Telling Your Story to Your Children and Grandchildren".

FUN TIMES.............MUCH NEEDED Fellowship, teachings, singing, preaching and FELLOWSHIP and Fellowship..................and did I mention FELLOWSHIP with others walking in our same shoes?

Just wanted to let you know that I am getting re-fueled and will be ready to go.

Pray for us at the retreat and pray for us as we all travel back home.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Wake Up Call

Now, some people do things because they are self-motivated.  Me, on the other-hand.....have to be KICKED and PUSHED.  Smile.

Back in August....I got a Minor WAKE-UP Health Call.  I say minor, because to many folks it was nothing.........but to me it was MAJOR.  I have NEVER had ANY blood pressure problems, etc.  In fact, it has always been a joke with me.........I go to the doctor and if someone new takes my blood pressure.............they take it the second time because they would take ONE LOOK at me and think.........there is NO WAY her blood pressure is that good. 

Anyway....without going in to graphic details......I had my "wake-up call"....called the doctor, who wanted to see me.  By the time I got to the doctor's office, I was the first thing I said was.....I KNOW I need to exercise, eat better and lose weight......I will do ANYTHING...........just tell me what to do.

A DOCTOR'S DREAM.....................

He Jumped all over that....................

To make a long story short.........I was put on medication for three weeks, but had to go off because my blood pressure was too low...........but, I DID start exercising and making better choices in my eating.

My husband is built like his granddaddy who died of a heart attack, so he had already been saying..............we are getting at an age where we need to add exercise and eat better, so..........he was a very willing partner and we have supported each other all the way.

The results so far.........
  • we have both dropped many pounds
  • we feel better
  • we have less health complaints
  • and we have a new wardrobe because our previous clothes no longer fit
I say all of this to say.............this was my health wake-up call.  No....I will never know if it was a warning.......or just a scare....................but it DID scare me enough to NOT want to take a chance.

Sometimes God uses different things to get out attention................whether it is our health......our relationship with our families.........our relationship with our church people and/or friends...............or whatever.

My prayer is that we will always be willing to do whatever it is that God wants us to every corner of our lives. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

You are At THAT Age.....

This post is not a "spiritual" is just a "fact-of-life" post.

For several years..........I have HATED it when every time you go to the doctor they are at THAT age......

Exactly, what age is That???

Well....I have decided there is WORSE.  LOL

I just recently had to have a test make sure everything was okay.  I felt fine....had no symptom, but when I went for my yearly routine physical, there was microscopic blood in my urine, so my PC doctor sent me to a specialist to be sure....

I might add...that seven years ago he also sent me to a specialist to have the same thing checked and everything came back negative.  Each year since....he would say, "there is a little microscopic blood in your urine, but we have already had that checked."  UNTIL this year.  He decided to send me to a different specialist just to make sure.

The specialist explained to me that after 5-7 years it was good to have it re-checked to make sure nothing had changed, etc.

Anyway.........the test was negative and everything checked out fine..........

BUT...after the test.............instead of are at THAT age..................the little whipper-snapper of a doctor looked at me and said, "I will tell you like I would tell my, as a matter of fact, my mom had to have the same test twice and after her second test I TOLD HER...................."

SO................NOW....I am not only at THAT AGE.........................I am NOW compared to the doctor's MOM.

Growing old is NOT for the faint at heart...............