Monday, September 18, 2017

Don't Play Favorites

“For there is no favoritism with God.” Romans 2:11

As you know, I am a chocoholic.  I do not play favorites.  Any type of chocolate is acceptable with me.  God also does not play favorites either.  He desires that ALL people receive his saving grace.

In recent weeks, news outlets have bombarded us with images of war between nations and racial tensions.  There just seems to be no peace or loving-kindness anywhere anymore.  Look around your community, and I would guess not all people look, act or ever speak the same language as you do.

The community our around the church where my husband pastors has certainly changed over the years.  What was once an upper middle-class area is now a melting pot of different socioeconomic backgrounds, racial backgrounds and religious views.  Not all the people around our church look like us.  Some even have pink hair and tattoos! (Just for the record, I have nothing against hair color or tattoos.  As a matter of fact, I have been sharing with a lady who does and I love her).  I dare to say that any given long-established church has an ever-evolving community around it.  Guess what?  THEY ALL NEED JESUS!  So, what should we do?

We should be willing to step out of our comfort zones and into the mission fields just outside the doors of our churches.  Go knock on a few doors.  Invite someone with pink (or green, purple, rainbow) hair and tattoos to your church.  Have a fun block party event.  There are tons of ways to become missional in your own backyard. 

More importantly, we should not play favorites meaning desiring one type of person over another.  Jesus ministered and call all types of people to faith.  Yes, you should treat a tax collector, a beggar or a prostitute the same.  Jesus did and those individuals became strong witnesses for Christ.

John 3:16 clearly reminds us that God sent Jesus into the world that whoever (red, yellow, black, white, rich or poor) believes on him would gain eternal life. God does not show favoritism because we are all precious in his sight.

Friday, September 15, 2017

When We Are Tempted To Complain...

So much devastation. So much loss.

Our nation has experienced the destructive effects of, not one but two, powerful storms that made landfall in Texas and Florida. Other states in the Southeast also were plummeted with damaging winds and torrential rains.

Our nation has also experienced, even in the midst of such tragedy, people from many different cultures, races, social economic backgrounds, and religious affiliations come together with a common goal of helping those in need, whether it be aiding in heroic rescue efforts or providing essential supplies such as food, water, and toiletries.

As I contemplated the horrible losses: the homes and businesses that were destroyed, the lives displaced, and worst of all the loved ones that were lost, I was convicted about all of the “petty” things that I sometimes complain about, especially in light of this type of suffering. For myriads of people, life changed in an instant. Homes and businesses can be rebuilt, but loved ones cannot be replaced.

Some of my reflections:

The next time I am tempted to complain about not getting a good night's rest, I will reflect on the fact that I have a bed in my home to sleep in tonight. Many are sleeping in shelters.

If I am tempted to complain about the selection of food in my house or about having to cook, I will reflect on the fact that I still have a kitchen in which to prepare food and a refrigerator to store it.
Many don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

If I am tempted to complain about “not having anything to wear” (ladies we are good at this one!), I will reflect on the fact that I have a closet full of clothes. Many had to leave their homes with just the clothes on their backs.

If I am tempted to complain about the old car that I drive, I will reflect on the fact that I do have reliable transportation to take me where I need to go. Many had their vehicles swept away in the floods.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture.

And as we think on those that have lost much, please let us pray for them, that our Lord will comfort, heal, and restore. Also, we know that our Father in Heaven can bring salvation from these tragedies, as many place their faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ!

So, when we are tempted to complain, let us remember our innumerable blessings.

Saturday, September 9, 2017



God is obviously trying to get the attention of the people of America.

Hurricane Harvey.......Floods..........Fires........Tornadoes........Hurricane Irma.....Hurricane Hose..............Hurricane Katia.


Thoughts & Prayers

Please join me in praying for our dear Lana Rose in the loss of her dear friend, Sharon Ramsey.

We love you Lana....and when you hurt, we hurt.

Friday, September 8, 2017


I have not had a kitchen since the first of August.  Eating out every meal is expensive and FATTENING.  The bank account has gotten smaller and the hips have gotten larger.

Now....the BIG Dilemma currently is..............I had my big family reunion in Alabama this past weekend.  Usually it involves lots of cooking.  That did not happen.

Roger smoked some chicken on the smoker and I threw together a couple of recipes that require No Cooking............Frito Corn Salad and Apple Salad.  (I will share the recipes at the end of this blog.) the was ALL good.

BUT....the dilemma I now have is our church Homecoming is this coming Sunday and we have a visiting preacher coming to speak.  Anyone that knows me....knows that at any church meal, I cook enough for an army and usually have nothing left.

I typical church meal would probably consist of two pot roasts with carrots, Frito Corn Salad, pintos, Mexican cornbread, a giant banana pudding and more.

Homecoming is this weekend.  I STILL have NO WORKING kitchen.  HELP.  BIG DILEMMA!

After fretting over it and loosing sleep and lots of prayers.....I swallowed some pride and send out an email to the church members requesting and begging them to HELP me out and fix extra food.

See,,,,the church people keep asking us what they can do to HELP with our kitchen situation.  FINALLY.....I told them how they could help.  Smile.

Dilemma Solved !

Isn't this how we as pastors wives tend to do in many areas?  We undertake and do LOTS because we think it is expected and we HAVE to.  When, in reality, our church members are probably just waiting for us to ask for HELP.


 Milky Way Apple Salad

 3 red delicious apples cut up with peelings on..
2 granny smith apples cut with peeling on
1 cup of sugar creamed with 16 oz of cream cheese
16 oz cool whip
3 Milky Way bars chopped
1 cup chopped pecans
Mix all together in a large bowl

Frito Corn Salad

3 cans white shoe-peg corn, drained
1 cup Mayo
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 red sweet pepper chopped
1 sweet onion chopped.
Mix together and just before serving, add a bag of Chili Cheese Frito Corn Chips.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

THE Kitchen

FINALLY....beginning to see a little progress...........but still have a LONG WAYS TO GO. 

I keep reminding myself that I will LOVE it when it is finally the meantime..................

Life is ALWAYS full of detours..................guess in the game of life, this is a tiny detour.

AND....I have to remind myself....that at least I have a home.....I have a kitchen (although it is in disarray right now).....I have a husband who is enjoying building this for me................I AM TRULY BLESSED!


I know that everyone is devastated about the horrible state that Texas and neighboring states are in due to Hurricane Harvey.

I have head many people say that they feel lead to "do something" but don't know what and they are afraid to just give to anyone or any organization.

Our daughter and son-in-law have a dear friend who is the pastor of Clear Lake Baptist Church in Houston, TX.  Their church has been spared, but surrounding areas have not been as lucky.

The church has set up a ministry to "HELP".  100% of ALL donations go directly to help these people. 

It is my understanding that the church has set up a complete ministry to help.  They are giving out clothing, food, etc.

The pastor's name is John Aaron Matthews and his wife is Emily.  They are former BCM Directors of TTU in Cookeville.  John Aaron took over as BCM Director of TTU when Dr. Joe Wiles retired from the BCM and became the Director of Missions at Stone Association in Cookeville.

Here is what John Aaron posted on Facebook of ways YOU CAN HELP.

Give Now Through the Church - HOUSTON FLOOD RELIEF

"Facebook Friends Far Away Here's how you can help us help Houston.

Mobilize your friends, small groups, and churches to collect gift cards to Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Target, Gas Cards & Restaurants.  Mail them to Clear Lake Baptist Church (15700 Space Center Blvd., Houston, TX  77062) and we'll give them to families in need to help them recover.  Please share this post with your friends.  You can also send handwritten notes & prayers with these cards.

You may also give online now at

Thank you for your prayers and support."

John Aaron & Emily Matthews

We can and should PRAY for EVERYONE............but we can also put actions to our prayers by GIVING.

Clear Lake Baptist Church is one of our Southern Baptist Churches. 

Please feel free to share this info with your family and friends.