Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weakest Link

Our church has been doing great....growing in numbers and in the Lord.  Along with growth, come THE DEVIL.  He is NEVER happy when a church is doing well, so he will always show up somewhere.

During these storms, it is easy to get really upset with "people".  One thing that I have learned over our ministry is, don't be angry with the "people" or "person" that is stirring the pot.....PRAY FOR THEM.  The only way Satan can cause problems inside a dedicated church is to use someone internally.  Therefore, he will search out and use the weakest Christian he can find and by working through them, he can cause some damage...especially if we allow him to.

The battle is with Satan........not necessarily the individual.  PRAY for Him/Her.  She/he is allowing Satan to use them to stir the pot and cause problems.  PRAY and stick not give up and try not to get discouraged.  Battling Satan is hard, but if he is attacking that strong, it must mean that your church is doing things pleasing to God and Satan is torn up.

Do not let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch......if you have to, get rid of it.  Sometimes the tree needs pruned so new life can grow.  Life is too short to fight internal battles...........we have more important things to winning lost souls.

REMEMBER......SATAN is the enemy.....not the person but the person is guilty of allowing Satan to work through them.  


Do not allow Satan and one weak Christian tear down God's work.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hurting People

I have a male student in class this year.  For a couple of weeks, he would refuse to work, would roll his eyes when I complained and was very disrespectful.  I do not know why I chose to "wait it out" instead of really lashing out at him, but I did.

Finally, I kept him after class and asked him what was going on.  He rolled his eyes and said, "Nothing that concerns You."  I told him that as his teacher everything concerned me.  Then he said, "well, nothing you can do anything about."  I told him that I could at least pray about it even if I could do nothing else.  Immediately, his facial expressions softened just a bit.

Suddenly, he broke down crying...........and told me that his parents had been fighting for a few weeks and it was getting worse instead of better.  He said they were talking about divorcing.............and his life was crumbling.

NO WONDER he had an attitude!!!

Look around many adults that appear to have attitudes are using that as a cover for hurts?  I bet we would discover that to be the case many times....even in our own church families. 

To shorten the story..........a couple of days later, the student came into class and was actually doing his work and asking questions.  His attitude appeared much better.  I kept him after class again and asked how it was going..........his reply was, "a little better.....I think the prayers are working.....please keep praying.....and I am praying every night too."

My prayer is that we all will take the time to slow down and look at the big picture.............reach out to hurting folks.  The ones with the worst attitudes may be covering a hurting heart.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

YES for 1

Okay....Tennessee spread the word:  YES for 1.  Early voting begins October 15th and Voting is November 4th.  Many people will skip over this voting item because they do not understand it.  If you skip this and don't vote anything, it counts as a NO.

Regardless of people's stand on abortion, EVERYONE....meaning both sides....should want regulations and safety for the woman, so vote YES for 1.
Check out the website:

It is a proposed pro-life amendment.  Our state is the 3rd highest in the nation for performing abortions. This would require inspections, licensing, wait-period, & other safe guards not currently in place. Volunteers came to our church Sunday night to speak & get the word out.

Please share this info with everyone you it on your Facebook account, send group e-mails out or any other way you have public access.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Let the children come unto me.....

Matthew 19:14  Jesus said, "Let the children come unto me....."

I keep blogging about my little preschoolers at church......because they are an important part of my life.  Even Jesus recognized that the children would come to him without the baggage and with innocent hearts.

I am a firm believer that if you get them young......and train them, you will have them for life.

Today, I would like to tell you about three of my little girls.

First, Aubrie was with her dad out eating Chinese with one of her dad's friends.  The friend was questioning why dad did not put sauces on his Chinese......and he told dad, "Dude, you need to try the sauces......they will change your life."  Without blinking an eye, Aubrie looked up at him and said, "No.....only God can change your life."  (Aubrie will be four the end of October.)

Carmen, who will be five the end of the year, was sitting with our son and daughter-in-law during the study of the Ten Commandments.  She pulled her craft out of the bag and was explaining to them that the commandment was to "Remember the Sabbath Day, and Keep it Holy."  She told them, that just means to go to church.  Then she pointed to the picture of the ten commandment tablets and said, "Mrs. Kathy didn't tell me, but I already know....that is God's I-Pad."

The last night of the Ten Commandments, Henley, who was four last week, was questioning what "covet" meant.  She said she did not understand.  I tried several different ways to explain it to her.........finally I looked at Aubrie and said.........see her pretty hair bow?  It is okay to say that you like her hair bow and wish you had one too............but it would be mean to say, I wish THAT was MY hair bow and she did not have it.  Aubrie spoke up and said if that happened she would break two rules.....thy shalt not steal and thy shalt not covet.
Henley looked at me and said, "Oh, I think I get it kind of like when Joseph's brothers wanted his coat of many colors?"
I told her that was EXACTLY right.......they were coveting his coat.

It makes my heart smile to watch these little ones grow so much.....and to watch God and the Bible become a part of their everyday lives.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Musical Communication

  • "Oh my God, You will not delay, my Refuge and Strength always"
  • "I will not fear. Your promise is true. My Help with come through, always."
  • "I lift my eyes up. My help comes from the Lord."
These are just a few of the lyrics from Kristian Stanfill's chorus "Always." 

This chorus has been my heart's anthem this week. 

You see, my husband and I took our just turned one-year old, Eliza, to the Pediatric Urology Department at Vanderbilt yesterday. We spent the last week waiting for the appointment, not sure of what the doctor would say would be wrong, not sure of what kind of treatment plan or what the future would hold for our Little Bit and our family. 

Our worship leader led the congregation in singing this song Sunday and my eyes burned with tears as I sang. I felt in my heart the depth of these truths and I realized the Holy Spirit was giving me the gift of this song. He has brought this tune and these words to my mouth over and over again in the days that followed. He knew I needed to focus on these facts and that I needed to declare my need for His help over and over again. 

In this song, I found transparency in my relationship with Him this week. 

I continually confessed my inadequacy and His supremacy. He continually reminded me of His presence and gave me His peace. The week was crazy, busy as most weeks are. Yet, He was constantly there, using this song to gently remind me that I "always" have Him and He will "always" see me through. 

The doctor told us that we have at least one more test to go and then we will know more. Her condition is common and curable. Eliza, by God's continued grace, will be fine. We still covet the prayers and seek His provision. I will still sing this chorus and "always" connect it to these days and this lesson He is teaching me through them. 

I am so thankful that God uses music to convey His truth to my soul. Thank you God for communicating with me this way. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Worship -N- Singing

I can't sing.

I mean I can sing, but I can't sing in such a way that would cause the average person to take notice. I can sometimes stay on key, but I was the kid in children's choir at church that had to have the leader show me with her hand when the notes went up or down the scale.

However, I love to sing my worship. I can make a joyful noise with the best of them. I love to get lost in the music and sing for my Audience of One.

Recently, this is where the Mercy Me song, "Greater," comes in.

Over the last three weeks I have worshipped unashamedly singing it in my shower shampooing my hair, in my car with the windows rolled down, running my errands, walking down the church hallways, with my family and all alone. I've whispered the lyrics and shouted them too. I have danced with my eyes closed and prayed the truths with my eyes wide opened.

In my daily struggle to keep my focus on Christ, this song has been, (no pun intended!), instrumental. I have needed these scriptural truths sung into my life to help me claim them as my own.

  • "Greater is the One living inside of me, than he who is living in the world."
  • "I am Holy, Righteous and Redeemed."
  • "There are days I lose the battle, grace says that it does not matter, for the cross already won the war."
  • "I'm learning to run freely, understanding just how He sees me and it makes me love Him more and more."

Each line of this song has resonated within my soul and I have been able to claim these truths as my own as I sing them back to the God who makes them all truth.

So . . . Maybe I can't sing, but I can most definitely worship. And, for me, worship is as much for me as it is for the One I worship. It is crucial to our relationship. It is critical for my spiritual well-being and He alone deserves that focus.

How / where do you worship through song?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Music -N- Me

The Christian band, Mercy Me, has a new (or at least new-to-me!) song out called "Greater."

I love it. I love the beat, the harmonies, the lyrics, the truths. I love it.

In the last two weeks or so, God has used it to speak to me in a number of different ways.

Then, yesterday, in worship we sang "Always," a worship chorus by Kristian Stanfill. The lyrics were again penetrating right into the depths of my heart. I had heard and sang the song before, but yesterday it seemed that the Holy Spirit just made the words come alive.

Both of these songs are scripture-based. They are loaded with truth. I thought I would use my turn to blog this month to reflect on what God is teaching me about Him through these songs. I'll go into that more soon.

But, in the meantime, I am sure there are songs that God has spoken or is speaking to you through right now. What are they? Please share the titles. I'm always looking for more great music to help me worship and stay focused on Him.

Just in case you're interested, here are the links to the songs I've mentioned above:

"Greater" -
"Always" -