Friday, August 26, 2016

Unfaithful Marriages

I have never in my life seen so many marriages in trouble and ending after years of marriage!  I know, as everyone says, it's the signs of the end of time...............but in the meantime, it is very disheartening!

Right now, I am counseling (or attempting to....and mostly just listening to...) five different ladies....and I know two other families that have ended by one of them being unfaithful after twenty-five years of marriage!

It is sad.  There are VERY FEW values left in our world.

AND....the children are the ones suffering the most and the are innocent.

I was talking to one of the five ladies that is dealing with the "end of the life she's known for many years: and the fact that her ex-husband was unfaithful..........and I told her....I really feel guilty because listening to all these ladies, it makes me so very thankful for MY HUSBAND.  I feel so blessed to have a husband that loves God, loves me, loves our children and loves our grandchildren.  Hearing others makes me feel very appreciative and blessed.

This lady, who to the best of my knowledge has never been a "church girl" looked me straight in the eyes and you know why you have been married for 37 years and are happily married?  She said............because y'all have always put God first.  That's the secret.

WOW............what powerful words (coming from a non-churched person who I am not even sure is a believer)............but true words.

Marriages are failing.............couples are being unfaithful........BECAUSE....the WORLD has left GOD OUT!!!

Ladies.....we have got to be the actions and not words.  They have GOT to see a difference in us...........

AND....ladies, we have got to appreciate "what we have" and realize that IF....we DO NOT keep GOD FIRST..........Satan will jump in and we, too, could become a statistic!


Train Up a Child....

Three year old Cameron......This melts my to love Awanas!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

JESUS & Monster Lotion

Our grandchildren, ages two and three years old.........began having nightmares, could not sleep and were terrified of MONSTERS.  The only thing we can figure out is one of the kids at Daycare was talking about scary monsters.

Anyway....our daughter called me and asked if I had any suggestions.  I told her that when she and her brother were younger and afraid, I bought citrus smelling air freshener and would spray it in the room to keep the monsters away; monster spray.  A couple of nights later when our grandson was crying and did not want to go to sleep, his mom looked in the closet and found a can of air freshener that she had not used in a long time.  She took it to him and gave it to him to run the monsters away.  (GAVE IT TO HIM......)  For forty-five minutes he was spraying and "powing" the monsters..................UNTIL....he ran out of spray.  THEN he REALLY had a complete melt-down.

When my daughter told me............I, no, don't give HIM the just spray one spray and they will feel safe with the smell.  TOO LATE.

After four nights of neither kid sleeping because they were truly afraid of the daughter called on her way to work in tears.  I volunteered to get the kids that afternoon and let them spend the night with me and I told her I would figure something the least, her and dad would have a night of rest.

We went to Walmart and I bought two large bottles of the night-time lavender baby lotion.  (One for Mimi's house and one for Momma's house.)  I came home and printed off a monster label.

We talked about it..........I told them that we would put the monster lotion on them and we would PRAY to JESUS to help us to not be afraid and to keep us safe.

They bought into it................and were very excited to take a bath and use their "monster lotion".  I showed them that we had some to give to momma too.  They wanted to call momma and tell her.

  • We lathered down in lotion
  • We PRAYED and asked JESUS to help us
  • And we SLEPT ALL NIGHT....for the first time in weeks!
Our two year old granddaughter laid in bed that night and said, "Mimi....The monster was bad.  He scared me.  Jesus gonna put him in time out."  I told her that no.....Jesus is going to run him away and the monster can't come back because Jesus loves us and takes care of us.

THE BIG TEST......the next night, they were at home..................Momma lathered them down in "monster lotion" and they prayed that Jesus would protect them and help them to not be afraid.

For the first time and WEEKS.............the monsters were GONE.

They don't even need the lotion anymore because as they both say, "JESUS and Monster Lotion" ran the monsters away and they can't come back....because Jesus loves me."

HEY...I know some of you may question the "game", but even though you and I know there are no a toddlers' eyes, they are REAL and telling them they don't exist won't cut it.  And this WORKED...when nothing else had.  One day they will realize that the lotion was not magic, but JESUS is........

Oh, to have that child-like faith.............

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Powerful Words

Don and Trish Pierce are pastor friends of ours from Lincoln County Tennessee.  Don posted this Saturday on Facebook.....and I decided to post a copy of it here to share with you.....just in case you did not see it on Facebook.


Don Pierson
August 20 at 9:46am ·
Most know what tomorrow is - Sunday. For some it will mean a day off, for others time at the lake or for some other recreational activity. Are you aware that there are 365 days in a year? 8,760 hours in a year? 52 weeks in a year? Are you aware that if you go to church each week for one hour how small of a % of your time for that year it actually is?
So the next time you start trying to convince yourself and God that you are following Him then you might want to take an inventory of the hours you give Him.
Hey I know what you are thinking, "you don't have to go to church to follow Him." One question, Does following Him mean doing what He asks?" The answer is yes. So if He tells you not to forsake the gathering of yourselves together with other believers and you chose to stop gathering yourself together with other believers, are you then doing what He asks? The answer is no. So you might want to read what God says in Hebrews 10:25 before you start trying to convince God and others that you are following Him.
Tomorrow is Sunday! It is the day of worshipping your King and Lord. That is if He is your Lord. Find a church to worship Him, give Him a small portion of your time, He has given you all of His.

Monday, August 22, 2016


Okay....I guess I am showing my age, but I just don't get the Pokémon Craze.  I really thought very little about it until it began to interfere with MY LIFE. heard me right.....

My husband and I typically drive downtown Dayton in the evening and take our walk around the courthouse and down the streets.  We got busy during the summer, canning, etc. and neglected our walking so it was a little over a month when we decided it was time to jump on the band wagon again.

We can barely walk because of the huge crowd of Pokémon Players standing in the way.  They are EVERYWHERE.  And....they obviously are in their own world and do not even see the few of us that are there just to get our exercise.

When I first began to hear about Poké brought me back to several years ago when our 27 year old was in school...........he collected Pokémon cards.  (In fact he probably still has his collection of coveted cards.) time changes...........CARDS are NOT what its all about.  Grown men and women; people of all ages and genders are in their vehicles and walking catching and capturing these little creatures.  Wheww.....that is too much for me.

But....I got to thinking....
Isn't it sad that we, as Christians don't have the passion, that drive and that motivation to go out and catch, capture and bring in the lost souls?  What a revival we would have if Christians could just get the Pokémon Craze....when it comes to winning souls to Christ.  Just a thought.....

Friday, August 19, 2016

Waiting is Work

I don't consider myself a patient person.

Whether it is weight loss or the loading of a web page, I want to see results now.

My two older daughters know that I don't like to be kept waiting, that delayed obedience is disobedience and that they had better at least answer me when I call.

Yet, sometimes waiting is the very work that God calls us to.

When He calls us to wait, we can take solace that we are in very good company with many heroes of the Bible. Moses waited for a son. Joseph waited to see the visions God had given him come to pass. All of creation, from Adam and Eve on waited for God to fulfill His promise in the garden by sending His people the Messiah.

In the hustle and bustle of my life and the crowded cluster of thoughts that consume my mind, I am convinced that I simply don't have time to wait. Yet, God knows better. He always does.

In the waiting, He gets my attention. In the waiting, I find the time to ask more questions, dig a little deeper, and press in closer. In the waiting, I am more aware of what He may be doing because I am anticipating that He is going to do something.

YES! It is incredibly easy to get weary. YES! It can be overwhelming and tiresome. YES! It can be downright hard.

But the Bible tells us that the waiting is good and that God is good to those who wait for Him.

"The Lord is good to those who wait for him, 
to the soul who seeks him.
It is good that one should wait quietly 
for the salvation of the Lord."
Lamentations 3:25-26

What should we do in the waiting? 
Notice that the passage says that the Lord is good to the soul that seeks Him. To experience His goodness in the waiting, we must seek Him. 

How should we wait?
It says we should wait quietly. Ouch. I don't want to wait quietly. I want to wait loudly - complaining and drawing attention to my plight and struggle. I want everyone to know . . .  

You may be able to tell by reading my posts this week that I  am in a very definite period of waiting. I am asking God questions, tough questions, and seeking His will. I loved Dana's post last week titled "Struggle Well." That is definitely something I am trying to do . . . 

Perhaps in a later post someday I will be more free to share details of what I am waiting on God for, but for now, I hope to encourage you who are also waiting. 

First, you are not alone. It can be hard to relate to the Bible guys and gals when the Scripture condenses  years of waiting in to a short phrase or seems to skip a couple of decades between chapters. Yet, the waiting was real then and it is very real now, for those of us that find ourselves waiting. 

Second, as you wait, claim and cling onto to passages of Scripture that God has told you to be true. For me, I am hanging onto the passage above and four verses that precede them. I'll close with them. They've been huge for me and I have shared them with a couple of others too. I just never imagined that I would find such encouragement in the book of Lamentations?! 

"But this I call to mind,
and therefore have hope:
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
his mercies never come to an end;
the are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.
'The Lord is my portion,' says my soul,
therefore I will hope in him."
Lamentations 3:21-24

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Book In The Bible

I know I am not alone. I know you too have often wished you could open your Bible and turn to the book that bears your name so you could know what God would specifically want you to do in a certain situation.

Yet, none of our faith heroes whom we learn about on the sacred page had such a resource to figure out God's will for their lives. They didn't even have the access to God's written word the way we do! Most all of them in the Old Testament didn't have the presence of the Holy Spirit dwelling within them to prompt and prod them along.

We've all longed for the specific 411 on our lives, trying to verify what we think God may be asking of us to do. It's easy to bemoan and despair, losing nights of sleep and gaining extra weight from the "needed" comfort food to get us through.

We just don't want to make a mistake.

As I've gotten older, (not necessarily wiser) the uncertainty seems so much more scary. My husband and I have been entrusted with three little souls. Our decisions don't just affect us. They affect them and we really don't want to blow it.

The "What If" Game becomes suffocating. The ramifications seem daunting if things go bad, and, of course, my first assumption of any possible outcome is almost always negative.

So, how do we know what God's will is?

I don't have an easy, pat answer to this question. No acronym or sing-song saying to sum it up into a neat little package topped off with a bow will do.

I did see a saying though recently that rang true:

"Don't Say God Doesn't Speak, If Your Bible Is Closed."

This summer my husband and I have been seeking God's direction. We have been asking Him some questions that we wish we could do a concordance search and find where in the Bible the scriptures tell us that this is what the Vinsons should do in the summer of 2016.

I had been reading through the book of John. In it's pages Jesus tells us repeatedly that we don't have because we don't ask. So we began to ask. God answered - not always in the way we wanted Him to, but He was always faithful to answer. He spoke to us through the Bible.

Finishing the book of John, I continued reading a few verses a day into the next book, the book of Acts. As I read about Paul's travels and the moving of the Holy Spirit, again I found God speaking to me, Tara, in my modern-day, current circumstances. 

No, my name was not printed on the page, but words and phrases seemed to jump out at me. I would begin to contemplate the passage and pray through it and ask God what this could mean. He would answer. 

In recent months, the Holy Spirit has really convicted me about my closed Bible. Having grown up in church, being married to a minister and working at a church for many years I had become very self-righteous and prideful. I had taught the Bible in various settings to various age groups for various lengths of time. I was using the Bible BUT I would not to allow the Holy Spirit to use it to speak to me. 

God showed me my need to really ingest and digest the Word. 

Not to earn a GA badge or some jewel in my heavenly crown. Not to show off or to brag about how much scripture I had memorized.Not to teach a class or lead a discussion ---- BUT to truly know His will for me. 

It may not be highlighted under a fancy subtitle, but what I need to know from Him can be found in His word. My first name, maiden name or last name won't be found on the page of any Bible unless it has been written inside the front cover, but I am finding that there IS truth on every page specifically for ME.

Can you share a time from either recently or awhile ago where you knew God was speaking to you directly from the Bible? 

If so, please share. Let this be a place where we can encourage each other in our search for His truth for our lives. 

If not, I challenge you to ask Him to reveal Himself to you this way. I really think He would delight in your request. Afterall, He will be glorified as you seek Him instead of worrying and trying to figure things out on your own. 

Maybe we don't have all our own books in the Bible so we will learn to depend and submit all the more on Him.... Hmmmm.....