Friday, October 13, 2017

FINALLY....I reap a harvest...

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
FINALLY...............MY KITCHEN IS 99% DONE.  The back-splash has not been put up...BUT.....we are IN IT and it is WORKING.  Doing without it so long has made us appreciate it more!

CoNfEsSiOn TiMe....

I am a teacher and this week has been my Fall Break.....therefore I pre-wrote all of my blogs for this week and post dated them....................BECAUSE....I am spending my Fall Breaking keep these two blessings.  (Mom & Dad are on a cruise, so Mimi and Grandaddy get to keep them ALL WEEK.)
May you have a wonderful next few weeks.............and enjoy the fall weather.  I will see you again in five weeks.
.P.S.  Just a little update.  Cameron is four years old and loves cars, building things and pretending.  Kinley is three and loves coloring, drawing, letters and numbers.............anything school or craft related.  OPPOSITES.
When you stay with Mimi and she is a former Kindergarten learn to write your name EVEN though that is NOT your thing and even though your younger sister has been doing it for months....................and you are soooo proud of yourself and discover that you like practicing your name.  (Since this is NOT his thing.....this is a great accomplishment.)

 Also when you spend the week with Mimi and she enjoys Bible get obsessed and Bible Journal three year old style.  (Don't judge pants on.....just a casual, lazy day at Mimi and Grandaddys.)

Children are NEVER too young to introduce them to the WORD!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 a New Level

I have shared about my methods of "quiet time" with other ladies at a conference that I led, but I have never thought to share it with the ladies at my church.  (I guess I just saw that as my private time with God...."

We have a "Secret Sister" Group Messaging.....and one of the ladies posted about her new "Bible Journaling" Bible.  It has the pictures already stamped in the Bible and you "color" the pages.  She was talking about how relaxing it was, etc. and some of the other ladies started asking questions and seemed interested.

I joined in and told them my story of over three years ago when I got interested but was too "CHEAP" so I came up with my own version of "Redneck Bible Journaling".

The ladies jumped ALL OVER was CHEAP and the only thing they really needed to purchase was the "book" which was less than $5.  They began questioning me.....asking for examples of my work, etc.

Long story short...............they are wanting us to have a "BIBLE JOURNALING WORKSHOP" so we can all learn and work on it together..........especially the ones that are a little nervous about beginning it.

I had personally mostly used the "Bible Journaling" for when I was so stressed that my mind would not focus on "reading anything deep." 

Anyway....I would like to share with you the testimony of one of those ladies.  She is in her early thirties, works outside the home and has two small children.

She purchased her a "Drawing Book" to begin journaling.  She has gotten soooo "into it" that she claims to be obsessed.  She says that it has made her so hungry for God's Word that she MADE TIME to join the Study Group on Sunday Nights, "DETOURS" and she MADE TIME to begin coming to church on Wednesday nights.

She shares that she was at a stage in her life where she felt that she did not have time for devotions and quiet time.  She began the Bible begin with....just for fun.  It was through it that she got convicted of the "hours" she spent playing "Candy Crush" on her she deleted all of her game apps on her phone.

She also shared that the Bible Journaling keeps scriptures in her heart and gives her comfort and peace during the day.

SOOOOO......I had always looked at the Journaling as a "light, fun" way to read the scriptures...........BUT, after this lady has shared her testimony................
  • It's made her HUNGRY for God's Word.
  • It's convicted her to delete her "game" apps to give her more time for God.
  • It's caused her to FIND TIME to be a part of a Bible Study.
  • It has made her want to be at church every time the doors are open
  • It's kept her thoughts and mind to focus on "scriptures" instead of the things in the world.
In other words...................seeing what this simple "Redneck Bible Journaling" has done for has moved Bible Journaling to a whole new level in my mind.

Ladies........I know many of you are probably expert Bible Journal-lers............I would LOVE to hear your stories and how God has used this "hobbie".

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Quiet Time.....

I mentioned yesterday that "Bible Journaling" is a stress relief for me.  I am a doodler by nature.

I shared with a group of Ladies at a conference once that I have a bit of A.D.D. in me.  I get BORED with the same ole, same I CHANGE my "devotions" or quiet time.
  • Sometimes I am going through a "Bible Study" book, where there is scriptures and work to do each day.  Right now, on Sunday nights, we are going through David Evan's Study...."DETOURS" so I am doing my "homework" each day.
  • Sometimes I use "Devotion Books" the scripture....the explanation and then write it down in my own words or what it means to me.
  • Sometimes I "Bible Journal" my Redneck Style.  I will find something on "Pinterest"....look up the scripture, meditate and many times go back and read the scriptures before and after that verse.
  • Sometimes I simply read the BIBLE and absorb God's Word.
I REALLY enjoy the "Bible Journaling" when I am stressed......because it is relaxing.

I can COPY..................but I am not creative enough to do much with my own ideas yet.  I hope to get there someday.  One day, recently, I was struggling with I DID do this one on my own.....but it was quite simple.

PINTEREST is my I copy samples off there.  Some of my favorite....


Monday, October 9, 2017


Copied this from Pat Brown's Facebook it and sooooo true!

Posted by a friend. 
G- going
O- out
S- serving
S- satan
I- injuring 
P- people
Don't do this. It hurts people.

"Redneck Bible Journaling"

A little over three years ago.....I began to get interested in Bible Journaling.  I had a friend from Alabama that kept "pinning" things on Pinterest about it and I became very interested.  I began sending her messages and asking questions.

Now....three years ago, Bible Journaling was fairly new so the "special Bibles" were expensive.  Then I discovered that you MUST purchase "special" markers, pens, pencils, that it will not bleed through the fragile pages.

I was soooo disappointed.............because I am CHEAP and was not willing to spend the money required to carry out this craft.

After Googling it....and searching on Pinterest....I read where if you were not comfortable with "writing in the Bible" just practice on notebook paper.

From that thought.....I found a "Drawing Hard Bound Book" in the art section of Walmart for under $5 and I purchased it.  The pages are thick.  I took my new "book", my sharpie pens, Crayola colored pencils, Crayola thin markers, pencil and any other supplies I already had on hand and began what I call my "Redneck Bible Journaling." 

I LOVE IT............and it is sooooo addictive.

I love to underline in my regular Bible and write in the margins, but I was very nervous about "messing up" my Bible by attempting to draw and color in it.  With my "Redneck Journal" only cost less than $5.........and second....if I totaled messed up.....I could always "tear" that page out and my book would not be destroyed.

I LOVE Bible is such a STRESS RELIEF for me. 

When I complete my book, I will have a book of scriptures and thoughts that have meaning to me.

Like I mentioned before.........I have done this off and on for over three years.  Later this week I will tell you the story about events that have brought this to a new level for me.

The inside of my Journal............just plain drawing paper.
I decorated the front of my "Redneck Journal".
And, I also decorated the back.


Friday, October 6, 2017

Parenting and Discipling

I was blessed this August with the opportunity to attend the ERLC National Convention in Nashville. The theme was "Christ Centered Parenting in a Complex World."

Speaker after speaker shared Bible-based theology and applicable advice for the sanctifying process of parenting. The last discussion panel of the event was even addressed to those of us raising "preacher's kids."

Now, it is October and I could look back over my notes and share bits and portions of the quotes and tips I hurriedly scribbled down, not wanting to miss the next one. But, instead I want to share two things that I wish the Convention had done a better job communicating.

First, I didn't notice this at first, but when it was brought to my attention, I couldn't help but moan a little inside each time a speaker referenced this aspect of parenting...

In our group was the sweetest engaged couple. Now, I know I am a little biased as I have known the groom for nearly his entire life and I have treasured the relationship God has given me in his bride. Because these two lovebirds are yet to be parents, they approached the theme of the conference from a different place. Over and over again they heard how hard and difficult and challenging it was to be parents. We all laughed a little about it when they pointed out how the speakers were making it hard for them to WANT to become parents. Yet, they were right. There was little balance in the topics and discussions about the joys parenthood.

Don't get me wrong. As a parent of a high school teen, a grade school kid and a pre-school rug rat - I know parenting is often hard and difficult and challenging. But I also know that parenting is often fun and fulfilling and amazing.

As a parent, I play and learn and see the world through the fresh eyes of younger people. I don't "have" to, but I "get" to experience life and grow in Christ through three individuals whom God has temporarily entrusted to my care. It is an experience and blessing like none other.

This leads me to my second observation.

There were others in our group from the church that weren't parents yet. For whatever reason, God has not filled their homes with the pitter-patter of little feet. Some in our group only hear that sound when the grandkids are visiting. The organizers of the conference provided some encouragement in that role, yet I think they neglected another role that as Christians we are all called to -

"Parenting" those who are younger than we are in the faith. I believe Jesus referred to it as discipling.

As parents to our three daughters, my husband and I pray and desire nothing more than for each of "our" girls to have thriving, growing relationships with Christ. Yes, we work hard to provide and want to raise responsible adults- but, as the conference speakers reiterated over and over again, our role as parents has deeper, spiritual, eternal consequences to consider.

As Christians called to "make disciples" and to "teach them to observe all" that He commanded- we have the commission to love on and "parent" other believers. Not in condescending manners, but in humility with grace...

Doing life together, our daughters get to see and know the "real" people that their parents are. The discipling relationships we have with them can be a model for how we as believers can seek out and intentionally disciple others.

Whether in our churches or work places, in our friendships and acquaintances, we can intentionally seek out the intimacy and transparency that would allow us the influence to speak Christ into others and allow them to speak Him into us as well.

These types of relationships are often messy. Like parenting, they can be hard and difficult and challenging, BUT, they can also be fun and fulfilling and amazing. God can use them to grow us as much, if not more so, than those we disciple.

Remember, even though The Great Commission is a command, it is another "get to" not a "have to." It is God's blessing to us, to use us this way.

So, whether we are in the throws of any life-stage of parenting or grandparent-ing OR we are simply serving Christ, we should all have and be developing an active Paul/Timothy mindset, nurturing a spiritual "little" believer in the faith....

Don't get me wrong. I loved the conference. I gained both theological perspective and practical tips that I have implemented into our family life. It just didn't end there.