Friday, March 23, 2018

We Love You LANA ROSE.....

We LOVE you Lana have done sooo much for the TN Baptist.....the wives, this blog, secretaries, VBS ....just to mention a small portion.

I am happy for you, but said to see you leave.  I know that this fact the last few years have been tough years for you.  You have lost many, many loved ones through death.

I will miss your leadership.............but most of all, I will miss your friendship and fellowship.  I will miss your encouragement and your vote of confidence.

Late nights the end of January in Music Road Hotel lobby will never be the same.

Thank you for loving US and loving our husbands.......who many times gave you a hard time.  WE ALL LOVE YOU and will miss you.

Enjoy your deserve it.  You have devoted your life to helping is LANA TIME now.  Take care of your "fur baby" and don't forget us CrAzIeS in Tennessee.


Welcome to Tennessee!

Folks were wearing sandals and short sleeves the first of the week. 
Monday night folks were dodging tornadoes.
Tuesday was the first day of Spring.
Wednesday morning, some places had snow.
Thursday morning and Friday morning we were under a Freeze Warning.
And Saturday is supposed to be much warmer and thunder storms.

Go figure!

How are we to switch out our winter clothes for summer clothes?  NOT.  Not is have to keep those closets crammed full because at any given day, who knows what you will need to wear.

On a brighter note.......aren't we blessed?  We DO have different "weather".....some places have the same ole same ole all year long.

We have it all......except, very little snow..........but, then again, that is probably a blessing too.

God is good to us and we have so much to be thankful for.

I am thankful that God chose for me to live in Tennessee. 
I am thankful for my family.
I am thankful for my church family.
I am thankful for my friends.
I am thankful for all of the people that God puts in my path each and every day.

God is good......and He loves you..........and so do I.  I

Thursday, March 22, 2018

I Met Beth Moore aka Vickie Lee

Okay.........we are busy, busy, busy...........especially this year with our crazy last six months.  However, one year ago, I promised Lana Rose that I would do everything in my power to attend the Minister's Wives Retreat this was at Dolly's DreamMore Resort and it was Lana's last year.

Because I teach school and because we are very involved in the state Bi-Vo group......I do not have enough days to take off to attend the Good Cup or any of the other wonderful sessions offered to wives during the year.

And....because I do not get to attend those, many times I feel isolated because I do not get to mingle with any wives that are not BiVo wives.

I got to go to the Retreat in March..............and it was JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED.  (I was stressed and worn out............because of Blow #1 and Blow #2.......Blow #3 had not been revealed at this time.....)  I really enjoyed the weekend and fellowshipping with other ladies that were all on similar paths.....wives of pastors, moms, Mimi's, etc.  It was VERY refreshing.

AND......I got to met BETH MOORE...aka Vickie Lee.  Smile.  See....way back when Lana asked me to blog for the TN PRIME RIB and to represent the BiVo wives..............I there are four Beth Moores and then there is Kathy.  Well.....I finally met in person one of the Beth Moores.

And....Vickie....I want to tell you it was a pleasure to meet you.  I discovered that you are almost as big of a NUT as me.  Smile.   

At the retreat......I met several new friends who I plan to stay in contact with.  One dear friend lives on Tybee Island.....and several live in West Tennessee, etc.

I REALLY needed that weekend.  Wives....I know we are all busy, but I challenge you to FELLOWSHIP MORE with other Pastor Wives.  The Retreat was one week before we received Blow #3.  God KNEW I would need the fuel from the retreat to help me crawl through the following weekend.

WE NEED GOD............but we also NEED EACH OTHER.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Road Traveled....

Honestly....I do not mean to sound like I am complaining....I just wanted to you sort of see the road we are and have been case some of you are experiencing similar situations.....
  • September - Found out Roger's secular job of 20+ years was ending because they were out-sourcing to a company in India.
  • End of October - Blow #1.  (When we got socked in the face....dealing with something we have never dealt with personally or with other folks...something I will eventually share....because we all know I am an open book....but right now I am not at liberty to do so.)
  • November 11th - Roger's last day of secular work, so our combined income was decreased by 2/3.
  • January 2018 - discovered that my shoulder pain was not due to tennis is a secondary a cortisone shot in my shoulder and began Physical Therapy for a month.
  • End of January....Blow #2.  (Which compounded with Blow #1.......)
  • First of February - I'm being sent to a spine and neck specialist because the shot and physical therapy did not help me.
  • First of March.....Blow #3.  (Which now....with Blow #1 and Blow #2.....we were at our near breaking point.)
  • In late summer, Roger got a cortisone shot in his's gotten worse so he went back to his doctor and they did an x-ray.  It is torn, he has spurs and something is pushing on the nerve...............a MRI was ordered.....because of insurance delays... he was finally scheduled for March 16th.....and he was to go back to surgeon in three weeks to see what could be done.
  • March 16th Roger had his MRI.  An hour and half a call from the surgeon and he wants to see him Monday morning.
  • March 16th.....afternoon - Roger has been doing tons of labor work, trying to get everything done in case he has to have surgery.  He took the riding lawnmower to the shop to get new tires.  To help the guy out, he lifted the front of the mower...wound up twisting and his back that has been hurting off and on for a couple of weeks.........wound up in severe pain.....running down his leg.
  • March 17th - went to the doctor.......Roger has pinched his sciatic a steroid shot...sent home to rest, use ice pack and alternate Tylenol and Advil.
  • MONDAY.....Roger's doctor gave him the results of the MRI.  His rotator cuff is hanging by a string.  He's torn his labrum and tendons and he has bone spurs.  Surgery is scheduled for April 3......they will have to cut him open.  The doctor feels he can fix him.................but it will be a LONG, EXTENDED process. spite of all of these DETOURS in our life.........GOD IS GOOD..........and He Blesses Us Each and everyday.  We have SOOOOO much to be thankful for.  Our blessings by far outweigh the troubles.

I am sure part of the detours are where Satan is trying to discourage us because.....right now.........OUR CHURCH is BOOMINGSunday we had a baptism.....during the day, two more got saved.  That makes 10 saved since December.  AND....we are a country church..........we run in the 80's in Sunday we are not a huge church.  God is GOOD!

P.S.  If you have read any of my previous will know....I am a DETAILED person.  I drive my husband crazy...........he always tells me to birth that baby.....he don't need the entire nine months.  Well....sorry just got the nine months version!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Our church family has been praying for us.  Our friends have been praying for us.  We are praying.


We all know that.............but sometimes we have to be reminded.

Blow #1 and Blow #2 are real............and so is Blow #3...............But God is using Blow #3.........and prayers are being answered.  KEEP PRAYING.

I guess one of the hardest things about Blow #1, Blow #2 and Blow #3..............Roger and I have NEVER been on this end................we have NEVER desperately NEEDED the love, support and prayers of our Christian people. 

We have ALWAYS been the ONES to GIVE the encouragement and prayer and love and support.

God is good and we have sooooo many things to be thankful for and because of everyone's prayers......I am reminded every day of my many blessings.

When someone asks you to pray for them.  PRAY.....I mean REALLY PRAY.  You NEVER know what another person might be facing that they can not share.

Please continue to pray for us...........PRAYERS ARE WORKING!!!

Monday, March 19, 2018


I've blogged twice about "the struggles" my husband and I are facing.....the unspoken struggles.

In November.....we were dealt with blow #1.....something we, personally has NEVER dealt with and had never dealt with even with other folks.

In December.....we were dealt with blow #2.....something that was bad enough within itself, but compounded with blow #1.......we were struggling.

Since that time.....then first of March....we were dealt with blow #3.....something that compounded with blow #1 and blow #2........almost BROKE us.

When we first found out about blow #3......we literally did not speak for way over an hour........and when we did, Roger said....."Kathy, I can't do this.  I can't keep going.  God promises he will not put more on you than you can handle, but I must not be as strong as he thought.  I don't even know if I can go to church tomorrow and preach.......I don't even know if I can continue to preach.  I can't do it."

We were broken.....and did not know what to do.  (It does not help that, as of right now, we are still not at liberty to "share what it is".

We went to bed and neither of us slept a wink.

Roger went to his office and was even considering calling our DOM and asking him to supply for him because.............we could not function. 

Well.....every Sunday morning, Roger will text, randomly different pastors that God has laid on his heart and send them a message of encouragement.  On this particular morning......that did not happen.  However.....he received a text from a pastor in that he randomly texts but one that has never sent him a text first.  The simple text said...."Preach on brother, preach on."

That dear pastor probably has NO IDEA what he did....but I am certain God used him to get the message to Roger that he needed to NOT give up.

We got ready.............I taught my preschool Sunday School class............and Roger preached his heart out.  (None of this was done without emotions involved and tears shed, etc.  At the beginning of the service...Roger shared with the congregation that we were broken and needed their prayers.  We had just received blow #3...........and we are not at liberty to share details at the time, but when we can, we will.

Our church family was WONDERFUL.  They immediately got us both to go up front and they surrounded us.....prayed with us..........cried with us.........and loved us..................without even knowing the reason....except their pastor and wife were hurting.

And, man.....have we felt the PRAYERS, LOVE and SUPPORT all week.  That is what got us threw some very dark days and will continue to guide us.

I am sharing all of case there is another pastor and wife out there that is "BROKEN" and feels all alone.  We are HUMAN.............and we hurt just like everyone else.

I love you and I am praying for each and every on of you.

Friday, March 16, 2018

My "How-To" for Intimacy With God

I am learning how to cook.

Don't get me wrong, I can follow a recipe. I can measure our ingredients and set timers. I have a subscription to "Southern Living" and at least three Pinterest boards dedicated to organizing my culinary dreams. I peruse my collection of Pioneer Woman cookbooks to find something new to try.

Yet, I often find myself intimidated to alter a published, proven recipe to make it my own. I appreciate the step-by-step instructions that "should" lead to proven success.

My husband is a great cook. As we watch the Food Network and the Cooking Chanel, he gleans ideas and methods to try and experiment with. He will see flavor combinations and want to try new things. He might consult a recipe or two, but he will concoct something on his own adding a dash of this with a bit of that. It is usually delicious.

I am afraid of messing it up. I don't want to waste the ingredients or the money spent on them. Plus, if the dish is a success, how will I ever know how to repeat it? The fear is real, but I am gaining confidence and and faith in myself as I am learning to overcome it.

Not only am I a recipe follower, I am also a list maker and a rule follower. I appreciate being able to cross things off my to-do list and to know exactly what is expected of me in any given situation. Whether it is a recipe, a list or a rule - I can respect the planning, the preparation and the procedure prescribed to bring about the desired result . . .

Intersect that with what God has been showing me this week - a calling to be intimate with Him.

I long for a method described in a book that will lead me to simply embrace being with Him, or at least accurately describes what that looks like for me. I know that these resources exist and I trust that by His good graces, He is already showing me points to start at and places to continue from.

However, intimacy with God is a deeply personal and individual journey - with a clear beginning and definite end. For all of us Christ-followers, our origin stories will have definitive similarities and our eventual destination is all the same. Yet, this middle part we are in now is as unique as our Creator-given DNA.

There is no proven recipe to follow.

There is no list that will produce the desired outcome.

There is no set of rules that will not preclude into legalism.

So, how do we learn to be with God instead of just doing things for Him?

I can't speak for you and your journey, but I can try to share what God is showing me for mine. .  .

First, He has impressed upon me a need to embrace quiet. I wrote about that in my first blog post of the week.

Then in the silences this week, He has impressed upon me a need to listen and to learn. When my attention is on Him, He shows me scriptures in a new light. He reveals ways to apply His truth. He allows me to experience more of who He is.

Specifically, as He has led me into a deeper intimacy with Him and I have loved it! It has been literally soul-gratifying and freeing.

What has this intimacy produced?

When I dump the distraction of lesser things and deny the demands of my hectic, fast passed life:  He has revealed to me my dependence on recipes for success. He has shown me my addiction to that feeling of accomplishment when I cross items off my to-do list. He has allowed me to see areas of my life where I have been striving to meet my own expectations of the rules I have set up for myself.

It is unsettling for me to not have a plan to pursue a deeper intimacy with God. Yes, I can put myself in places to hear from Him. I can practice spiritual disciplines, but I realize that it is only by His grace that these things I do will bring about the closeness that I desire.

It is honestly a little scary for me to forsake list making. However, I realize that in order to just "be" or "live" in the moment, I have to sacrifice my perceived need of getting the next thing done -because, let's face it, there is always a "next thing."

That small adrenaline rush of crossing off that item comes with a sense of personal accomplishment that can easily and temporarily replace that God-given thirst I have for Christ.

Only He can finish what He began in me. I can't follow the rules enough. I can't do enough good in His name. I can't be what I require of myself to serve Him. My attempts only fuel the dreaded to-do list. It is a vicious cycle ---

In the silence, God calls me to rest and to realize my identity in Him. It is in this intimacy, this realization that I can simply  -  be. with. God.

So, enough with the recipe. So much for the list. Goodbye rules - for now I am learning to trust, not in me, or what I do, but in Him and in Him alone.

I am learning how to be intimate with my God.