Sunday, September 30, 2012


Please pray for my husband, Roger.  He gets the test results from his blood-work tomorrow.  This is the third test.  The first two tests were not good....if this one is not good, they will have to decided what steps they will take next.


UPDATE:  Thanks for the prayers.  His levels are down, so he goes back in 6 months to be tested again.  God is Good.....All the Time!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ten Ways To Love

Once may have already seen this on Facebook, but I am reposting it just in case you missed it!!!

I hope you have a nice few weeks............I will see you again in about five weeks.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Food for the Soul

You know as pastors and pastor wives, we are always ministering to "others" and do not take time for ourselves.  I get to sit in the service each week and be "preached to and taught" by my husband, which I thoroughly enjoy, but let's be honest, many weeks, we have been stopped, pulled aside and pounded to the point that our minds are on church "things" instead of the service at times.  By nature, I am a fixer, so that tends to make this situation worse.  Also, it is not as much fun to sit by ourselves during the worship service.

Anyway, it is always a blessing when we get to take some time and sit back and be "feed" together.  This weekend we are in Pigeon Forge being "preached to and taught" as a couple at the Appalachian Ministers Celebration --- Appreciating the Past, Accenting the Present & Anticipating the Future.  I am looking so forward to this time of "soul food" plus this time "away" from the rat-race with my husband and fellowship with great friends.

I know that most of you do attend conferences together, but if you do not, I would like to encourage you to make plans to attend some.  As a couple and as a minister, you NEED THAT TIME.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who is Like a Computer?

You have probably already seen this....but I had to share.  I am a Computer Lab Teacher and we live in such a computer generated world.....I LOVE IT!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Jury Duty

I will be 56 years old next month and this is the second time I have been summons to jury duty.  The first time, I was breast-feeding our youngest and they let me off.  This time, even being a teacher did not get me off the hook, although many teachers in the past have used that excuse. 

In our county, you serve for four months, but if you turn in your paper work early enough, you get a choice of whether you serve on Panel 1 which is August/September or Panel 2, which is October/November.  In rare trials Panel 1 and Panel 2 will be called in, so therefore you are on stand-by for four months.  Being a teacher, Panel 2 made more sense, but being a soon-to-be Mimi, Panel 1 was my choice.

I begin to prepare and plan around jury duty.  Each week, the recorded message I received when calling in would say,  "All panel 1 jury members please call back next Monday on so-and-so date after 5 pm."

I got very comfortable with that message, so image my surprise last Monday, during the middle of the "FLOODS" we were having when the recorded message said, "All panel 1 jury members report to the court house tomorrow at 8:45." This was the day that our county schools were cancelled because of the flooding in our county, so while all of the other teachers got to sleep in, I waded through the rain to the court house and waited until lunch to be told that I was not chosen so was dismissed until the next call date.

The next call date was last Thursday and the message just said to call back Monday, September 24th after 5 p.m.  Yesterday, the message, once again said to report to the court house at 8:45 on Tuesday, Sepember 25th.

I type all of this to say.....I have known for two months that I was on stand-by for jury duty, but I got very comfortable with the fact that I never had to actually when I actually DID get called, I was SHOCKED and was NOT PREPARED.

Think about it.  Isn't that sort of the way we are concerning the Second Coming of Jesus?  We have known about it for a long time.  We know He is coming back.  We keep getting ready and preparing, but then we get lazy and too comfortable.  We say we are looking for His coming, but our actions show that really deep down, we think he will come back, but NOT TODAY.

May we ALL be PREPARED and READY for "HIS COMING".......and not get too comfortable in our lives that we forget our purpose for being here on earth.

Monday, September 24, 2012

When It Rains....

Okay, moms, we all know that no matter how old our children are, when they hurt, we hurt.  Or, when they go through trials, so do we.  They will always be our babies.

Our son and daughter-in-law, who have only been married eight months have already seen their share of trials.  Three weeks ago on a Thursday night, our son's truck broke down on the interstate an hour from his home in Gallatin as he was bringing home a small boat he had purchased.  He wound up having to call a tow truck to pick him up. 

The next morning, after he went to work, his wife was running around getting ready for work and stomped her toe on a dumbbell.  She called our son, he came home from work and took her to the doctor where they discovered she had broken her toe, next to the little toe on her right foot.  This meant she was limited to desk work on her job.  I might also mention that they live on the third floor of an apartment, with no elevator.

The same Friday night, our son was going to go get them something to eat, when he pulled out in front of a vehicle and wrecked her car.  They thought it was totaled, but the insurance company is trying to fix it.

Two weeks later, our daughter-in-law was off work and decided to drive into town for a few items.  While hobbling down the three flights of stairs, she lost her balance and fell backwards down the stairs and had to make another trip to the doctor, where they discovered she had fractured her left arm.  This time, she is out of work, without pay, until she can heal some.

It is not always "what" we are going through that is as important as "how we handle" it. 

Just remember, what don't kill us will make us stronger.  Cody and Melanie are taking "their adventurous" month and just joking about it.  They did both say that after the wrecked vehicle, they had least things HAVE to get better from here.....that they WOULD NOT say that again since it was afterwards that she broke her arm.  Smile.

During "their eventful two weeks", Melanie posted on Facebook about all of the events....the toe, the vehicle and the arm.  Then she wrote, "but I am ALIVE and HAPPY and thankful to be that way."

You know....things happen.  Life is not always fair.  When we are going through "stuff" sometimes it is easy to go all "doom and gloom."  (I have to confess, her positive attitude taught me a lesson......since my "children" were going through all of this, I wanted to lean more towards the negative end.) 

Let's strive to keep a positive attitude and the negative world we live in!

Friday, September 21, 2012

How Do You Do Still?

Why is it so hard to be still?

Even knowing that I need to be still, I still find it incredibly hard.

There is so much I feel like I need to be doing. Even though I am sick, I still don't feel like I can stop.

It is so hard to accept that it is okay to sit on the couch and not do anything productive. Surely there is something that I can do, something that still needs to be done. Despite my husband's best attempts to serve me, I still feel compelled to doing something.

I have folded laundry and helped my 4th grade daughter study for both her science and spelling tests. That was productive right? But why do I feel like I need to justify myself?

I guess I still have issues with trying to get things accomplished on my own. God is still saying "Stop," and I am still pressing to do more.

I know I need to stop "doing" and start "being." Being still.

It isn't about me being productive or not. I guess it is all about stopping and acknowledging that He is God.

So Ladies, how do you do it? How do you stop "doing" and start "being?" How do you turn off that voice in your head that tells you that you need to be doing something?

I could definitely use your input.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lessons in the Still

So, here I am in my forced "still."  Being still and knowing He is God.

Thinking back over the last couple of crazy, busy weeks I see some things God is trying to teach me.

These lessons aren't anything new. They are just things that God is patiently reminding me of until they do truly sink into this thick skull of mine.

First, just as I taught to some ladies a week or so ago, apart from Him I can nothing. John 15 is VERY clear. Looking over my post yesterday I can easily see my independence and pride. How many times did I use the pronouns I, me and mine?

Some of the responsibilities I took on, I prayed over. Some I didn't. Most mornings I got up and had a quiet time, but it was more out of routine than necessity. I truly thought I could handle it. I thought I could do it all.

Second, when God calls you to do whatever He calls you to, He will work out all the details. When I finally said, "Okay God, You win," He showed me that I am really not all that important. He raised up others to take care of things. Anything that was really that important, He took care of. I didn't HAVE to.

Ladies, do you hear what  I am saying? If God calls you out of a responsibility, He will make sure it is covered. You don't have to do it all!

My throat is better this morning. However, the NyQuil I took last night has some lingering effects that I haven't been able to shake yet.

Fortunately, God has already provided someone to teach the high school Bible study this evening.

What are some lessons God has taught you in the "still?"

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It Happened . . .

Ladies, I am so glad you can't see me today. I am thankful that you can't see my house either.

You see it happened. Actually, it happened again. I am just thankful that I can't quite remember the last time it happened.

I have been entirely too busy.

School started with piano, music and ballet lessons. 

The preschool I direct has gotten off to a great start, but I still haven't done August's newsletter and September's is two weeks overdue. 

My husband is teaching a seminary extension class that began last week.

The student ministry is launching a new name and began new Sunday morning curriculum. 

The Pastor Search Committee I serve on has been VERY busy with an out-of-town, overnight trip and six hour + meetings. 

I was honored to participate in a couple of speaking engagements to talk about our great God. 

I looked at the calendar Sunday night and realized that it had been over two weeks since I had had a free evening.

You can just imagine my house. Dust is an inch thick. The floors need vacuuming and mopping. The dishes in the sink are multiplying so quickly I can't keep track if the machine is full of clean or dirty dishes.

None of my commitments were bad or wrong. On paper it should have all been able to work. I just had to be on my "A" game and be REALLY organized. Somehow, don't ask how, I was able to stay on top of my laundry. BUT, that wasn't enough.

God was faithful. Nothing truly important has gone undone. However, He has made me slow down.

My body physically got run down and now I find myself physically sick. He has forced me to stop, be still, and know that He is God.

I am coughing. I have a sore throat. There is this low-grade fever I can't seem to shake. And, at age 36, I have this massive zit on my face. (What is with that?!)

So, I didn't go to work today. (Not because of the zit, but the fever!) They survived without me and did great.

After cancelling the playgroup scheduled for my house tomorrow, my friends have texted their understanding.

Be still Ladies and know He is God, or He will slow you down.

I couldn't seem to clear my schedule, so it happened and God made me do it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Ministers Wives Events coming in November

Ladies, just checking in to let you know about our two Ministers Wives events at our state convention annual meeting in November at Faith Baptist Church.

The Good Cup-November 12 at Faith BC, Bartlett
Guest Speaker: Lisa Smartt
1:00-4:30 p.m.
This is a FREE event

Lisa Smartt is a 46 year old woman who loves to laugh! Born in a small town in West Kentucky, she now writes a weekly humor column from her home outside Dresen, Tennessee. She lives on 16 wooded acres with her husband of 21 years, two sons (who sometimes fight), and four male cats who desperately need Prozac. Her first book was released in 2007 entitled, "The Smartt View: Life, Love, and Cluttered Closets."

Public speaking is Lisa's passion. She has spoken to groups around the country on subjects like "Contentment in a Discontent World" and "We're All in the Same Boat, So Grab a Lifeline." Lisa believes laughter is a gift and LOVES to share with others her personal weaknesses, struggles, and the sheer JOY of daily living!

• Ministers Wives Panel
• Praise Team from Leawood BC, Memphis
• Richard Murley, The Painter, from Faith BC, Bartlett


Annual Ministers Wives Luncheon-November 13 at Bellevue BC, Memphis
Guest Speaker: Lisa McKay
Speical Music: Vicki Leavell
11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
Theme: "You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes"
Cost: $15

When most women think of a pastor's wife, certain images come to mind: either a woman who's so holy she doesn't seem human, or someone sentenced to a life without fun, fashion, or friends. Lisa McKay's You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes is an utterly honest, charmingly-witty, and biblically insightful guide for every minister's wife who wants to serve the church and support her husband without losing herself along the way.

You will feel an instant sisterhood with Lisa, a senior pastor's wife happily serving in the trenches. She understands the challenges of a life lived before a congregation, from finding friends and coping with criticism, to saying goodbye to a church family and starting all over again.

Through Lisa's engaging style and fresh perspective, you will be encouraged to fully embrace being married to the ministry!

• Those attending will receive a free copy of Lisa's book You Can Still Wear Cute Shoes
• Special music by Vicki Leavell, FBC, Millington
• Gift bags
• Door Prizes
Visit for more information and how to register

Sunday, September 16, 2012

What Would You Do?

I want to ask you all a question.  I don't know if you can see the small print on the license plate of the car pictured....but at the top it says, "I just thought" and the bottom says, "What the 'BLEEP'" (I bleeped it out to not offend anyone reading this--but it is not "bleeped" on the plate) If this car drove into your church’s parking lot, what would you do, think, say?  What would most of the people in your church do?  Think?  Say? 

What if this car was in your church’s parking lot…what would your church do?  Think? Say?

If YOU were driving the car pictured here would you drive it to church?  Your church?  Any church?  Why or why not?

The reason I am asking you these questions is because "GG JACK" is my dad and I drove that car while I was visiting him.  Nice car….hot red convertible sports car!  He bought it a couple of years after my mom died so he could "pick up chicks"!!  Gotta love my dad!!

To be quite honest I did not love driving it with that plate….I felt like it was screaming out loud to all of the other drivers…when, in all actuality, it probably was not.  Now, some of you might have drawn a line and said, "no way, I would not drive it".....and you would tell your father's in no uncertain terms why you would not.  And I respect your convictions for sure.  But for me, and for the relationship I have with my dad and my desire for him to know my God, it was not something I felt like I could/should say/do.  So, I drove it.

The dilemma came when Sunday came around…and I love to visit a church near where my dad lives… is an oasis for me in the spiritual desert I reside in while there….and it especially was what I needed during the months I spent there taking care of my mom.

So, what was I to do about going to church in that car with that license plate?  Should I go?  Would it offend someone?  Would the security guys kick me out?  Would I be a stumbling block to anyone?  What would they think of me?  Would the welcome guys in the parking lot be disgusted?  You can’t imagine all of the thoughts that ran through my mind!!

If I did not go, my dad would wonder why…..I surely did not want to cause him to think I was any better than him….or that the church would not welcome him if he ever decided to go.  So I left to go to church….on the way I hemmed and hawed about if I should just take my Bible and go to the beach and have sweet time with Jesus there.  My own worship time.  Me and God and nature.  If I did that though, what would I tell dad when he asked me how church was? 
I drove to the church….could not go in the parking lot…..kept driving.  "Yes", I thought, "I will go to the beach"….I turned around and headed back down towards the ocean…..had to drive back by the church…..and went in the parking lot!!  Wait a minute!!  How did that happen?  I was on the way to the beach…..I don’t want to hurt anyone.  Cause anyone to stumble.  ETC!!
I went to church.  I worshipped.  I left all of the reactions, thoughts, etc. of all of those other people up to God!  I left the baggage with the baggage keeper!

I wonder....are there people out there who are afraid to come to our churches because they are afraid of what we might think????

By the way….referring to my last post…..since I have been home from California not only do I NOT drink coffee and read three morning newspapers, I do not drink coffee and read just one morning paper….actually, I hardly ever even get to drink coffee in the mornings!! Busy times for sure!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Guilt Trips

I just spent about 10 days with my dad in Southern California….Carlsbad to be precise.  I had not seen him since he finished his treatment for cancer….which, by the way, he knew he had YEARS before he finally told me about it earlier this year…and I think the only reason he told me then was because I was planning to come visit him on the day he started treatment!!  Parents!  They have a tendency to do what they want to do when they want to do it and the way they want to do it!!  (Hummmm… that me too??)

My mom and dad had a morning routine for YEARS that they loved to do and whenever I would come to visit, I never loved to do it with them.  Even after mom died, dad continued the routine and I continued to not participate.  Not my thing.  A total waste of time, I thought.

After waking up early (way too early as far as I was concerned) they would make a pot of coffee, drink it slowly and read at least two morning papers.  On Thursday through Sunday there would be three morning papers and multiple cups of coffee.

Not only did I despise coffee, two papers were way too excessive and three was ridiculous!!  After all, how many times does one need to read the same news?  Two times?  Three times?  Crazy for sure!  Crazy, and as I said before, a total waste of time!!

Something changed in me this year!!  Every morning I had a cup of coffee and read not just one but two and sometimes three papers each morning with my dad!!  There was a problem though….I felt guilty about it!!  There.  I said it!  I felt guilty for drinking coffee and reading 2-3 newspapers every morning!!  I NEVER get to do that at home!!  Sit in the mornings?  Doing "nothing".  Never!  Or is it that I don’t do it at home because I feel guilty about it?

Why can’t I just sit and enjoy coffee and newspaper?  Why do I feel guilty?  Is it because I think that if I am going to sit in the morning I should be reading the Bible not the newspaper?  "Shame on you!", the little voice tells me, "You are a bad Christian!"  "You don’t love God!"  "You should be doing something “productive” not something “fun” and "worldly"!  Yikes!!  Can you believe all of that would go through my mind??!!!  Do you "hear" those voices too?

Here’s what I learned.  I KNOW it is important to spend time with my heavenly Father.  He longs for me to sit with Him and listen to Him and talk to Him.  I also know that my earthly father, who does not know my heavenly Father, loved for me to sit with him and do things he loves to do and I must learn to not feel guilty about it!!  And, it is OK to sit and drink coffee and read the paper!!  You go girl if you can do that without feeling guilty!!

One of the biggest “baggage” or burdens I carry is this issue of feeling guilty!  Sometimes people will pack my bags and send me on the guilt trip….most often I am packing my own bags and going on the guilt trip!!

Finally, after many days, I totally threw off those bags….dumped them….and totally enjoyed my morning coffee, newspaper and dad!!  How about you?  What ridiculous thing are you feeling guilty about doing??  Unpack and get off that guilt trip!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Baggage Keeper

I have been away from home for over two weeks and the last five nights I have slept in five different beds in four different states and spent hours in three different airports!  Exhausting?  For Sure!  Exhilarating?  Absolutely!  I am so thankful the Lord allowed me to spend time with my dad in California, speak to precious women in Arizona, come home to see my amazing husband for one night before being called early the next morning to come for the birth of our son’s son!!

As I sit in our son’s house in Hendersonville, taking care of their 14 month old daughter while mom and dad and baby brother are at the hospital, (she is sleeping now or there would be NO way I could do this now!!) I am reflecting on the things God has taught me these past couple of weeks while I was away from home.

For one thing….sitting at the airports in San Diego and Tucson and Indianapolis I people watched.  Oh, how I love to people watch!!  I noticed that people were pulling something, carrying something, pushing something, lugging “stuff”.  Some of them were so weighed down with bags and backpacks and purses and luggage that I could see the huge effort it was for them to hurriedly get to their gate to catch their flight to their next destination!  Weighed down.  Exhausted.  Carrying so much baggage!!

Can you picture it in your mind?  Can you see yourself on a trip carrying around all of the “stuff” you need….or think you need.  Can you feel the pull on your shoulder?  Can you imagine yourself as you adjust the straps or try to keep the carryon suitcase wheels from tipping? 

It occurred to me as I watched….and even as I, myself, was loaded down with my computer bag full of “stuff”….that this is how we go through life!!  Loaded down with cares, burdens, “stuff”.  These burdens/loads can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.  We carry them around and become weighed down like 2 Timothy 3:6 talks about….and if we don’t “lay them aside” like Hebrews 12 tells us to do, we will not be able to “run the race with endurance” because we are so loaded down.

Would you take a minute or two and reflect on if you are carrying around some burdens that God never intended for you to carry?  Worry?  Fear?  Vain imaginations?  Guilt?  What?

Honestly, I actually only saw a couple of people who had no baggage!! No backpacks or suitcases.  Nothing!  Oh, how freely they walked!  Not weighed down!!  Hands free!!  Oh, Lord…would You please strip us of anything that would keep our hands from serving You and loving people?!!  In Jesus’ name….amen!

“David left his baggage in the care of the baggage keeper” before he went to fight the powerful enemy Goliath!!  (1 Samuel 17:22) Let’s leave our baggage with our baggage keeper too!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Name Thing

If you read my last post, you will have to deal with yet another “grandmother” issue.  I think my brain is just working way too much because while eating a handful of Peanut M & Ms it dawned on me that I must finalize the name thing.  I know, Gideon will call me whatever he wants to call me and my heart will melt.

However, I want a name that is fun, crazy, and matches my personality.  Nope, I am not prehistoric and all-wise and I will politely remind my children that their mother is too cool be called Granny, Nana, Grandma, etc.  This grandmother has still got a lot of living to do. In the words of my two sweet daughter-in-laws and five nieces, “You have to have a cool grandmother name.”  I am thinking ViVi or Lulu at this point.  I would like to know what our sisterhood members think.

In Biblical times a name was chosen to show significance.  For instance, Abram was given Abraham by the Lord because he would become “the father of a multitude.”  The name Eve, the first mother, means life.  How appropriate.  One of Jacob’s twin boys was born “hairy or shaggy” and he was named Esau, which means exactly hairy or shaggy.  One of my favorite stories is of Isaac’s birth to Sarah and Abraham in their old age.  His name means joy and I am quite sure Isaac brought much joy to his parents.

So see girlfriends, I want a name that reflects me.  I need a unique name that reflects my personality and character.  So will it be Vivi or Lulu?  Oh well, I don’t care.  What I do care is that God knows my name and He loves me just the same.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Me, All Wise And Prehistoric? Never!

I am still dwelling on this grandmother thing.  I will not deny that it is a pretty special time.  I will not deny that I cannot wait to get my hands on Gideon and that I live for pictures to be sent daily via Facebook, email, or text message.  Praise Jesus that we no longer have to wait days or weeks for the snail mail to arrive with these priceless gifts!  Still, I am pondering the transition from being a mom to being a grandmother. 

While munching on some dark chocolate (I am trying to keep my heart healthy since I am a grandmother now), I decided to Google quotes on being a new grandmother.  I found the following:

“Being a grandmother is wonderful.  One moment you’re just a mother.  The next you are all-wise and prehistoric.”-Pam Brown

I had to laugh.  As a mother to my sons I never reached the pentacle of being wise.  I have seen too many rolling eyes to know that Stephen and Bryan wondered from what planet I arrived.  I still remember being able to dispense great advice and wisdom to the high school girls I taught in youth group, but that same advice to my boys was often met with the comment, “Oh Mom!”   I can still often advice to our high school students at our church and they give it a try.

However, I just wonder if my sons will see me as all wise now.  I can carry on a fairly decent conversation over sports and impress them with my knowledge of who such and such quarterback is and who he plays for.  I do know some things about current events.  I can blow them away on movie and literature facts.  So what do you think?  Am I all wise?  Probably not.

Then there is the case of prehistoric.  Please!  When I think prehistoric I envision cavemen and dinosaurs.  Yes, I have entered a new phase of life and earned the title grandmother.  However, I still wear cute flip flops; attempt to find stylish, modest clothing, and my hairdresser even comments that I have no gray strands among the blondish color. Just yesterday at church a junior high girl came up to me and excitedly said, “Ms. Vickie, I really can’t believe you have a grandchild.  Seriously, you look like you are in your thirties.” No, I did not pay her and yes, I quickly gave her a big hug and thanked her for her uplifting comment. 

So girlfriends, I confess I am not all-wise and I am definitely not prehistoric.  However, I do feel a strong responsibility to encourage young ministers’ wives in their role.  So do you because you have walked in their shoes.  Let these ladies see that being a minister’s wife is an awesome privilege.  Offer to babysit so she can run errands alone, take her to lunch, and let her feel your joy of serving God.


Monday, September 3, 2012


Although this blog will publish today, I am actually writing it on August 28, 2012.  This day will forever be a special day for our family.  It is the day our first grandchild made his entrance into the world.  Gideon James Lee was born at 3:02 a.m. (Vegas time) weighing in at 6 lbs and 13 oz.  All I can tell you that there was absolutely no sleeping last night, and amazingly, I did not break out the chocolate!

I do not even know what to feel at this point.  All the grandparents at church have told us that there is nothing like a grandchild.  Although I have only seen pictures, Gideon has already stolen my heart.  How am I going to react when I see him?  Oh by the way, for those who saw the video back in January when we learned that we were going to be grandparents, you will be shocked that I did not scream and jump when he arrived.  Now, I did try to talk intelligently but words just failed me.

I have had a few hours to ponder the name Gideon.  With my son being an Air Force Captain, I almost knew that this little one would have the name of a biblical soldier and warrior for God.  Gideon, God’s servant soldier, wanted only to follow God’s plan.  I think at times Gideon did question God’s direction.  I mean seriously, who wants to go to war with only 300 men?  Yet God led Gideon and his troops into battle. 

Our little Gideon aka G-Man will thankfully be raised in a Christian home with parents who will teach him the ways of the Lord.  I know my number one job (besides spoiling him) will be to pray daily for this little guy.  For you see, one day our little Gideon will be called to follow God’s plan for his life.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have a Wonderful Worship Experience!

I just wanted to encourage all my sisters to have a great day of worship, as we all go to our various churches on Sunday!   After having spent time with the Lord during the week, I look forward to going to corporate worship services.
On this Sunday our church will observe the Lord’s Supper or Holy Communion.  In the past few years I have developed a deeper appreciation for this awesome sacrament, when I remember what the Lord did for me at Calvary.  Yes, ladies, we can get personal about this beautiful observance; He did it for me and all of you who have believed on His name for salvation!  This past Sunday I had the wonderful privilege of teaching my young Sunday School class about why we observe Communion.  The kids were very attentive, and this subject easily opened a door to share the Gospel with them.
Also, those of us who have husbands who stand and preach God’s Word every Sunday have the blessed opportunity to support them by praying for them before they bring the Lord’s message to the congregation.
So, enjoy the fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, enjoy the worship of the Lord in song, and let the sermon penetrate your heart and mind as we all become transformed into the image of Jesus our Beloved Savior!
“Come let us bow down in worship, let us kneel before the Lord our Maker.”    Psalm 95:6