Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is It a Calling?

Ladies, I would love to know what you think....

Are women called to be ministers' wives?

I have heard some ladies tell me that they knew at an early age that God had destined and designed them to be a pastor's wife. As single women, they would only date guys they knew were called into the ministry. Yes, these women seem to take to their role as a minister's wife like a fish to water. It all seems to come easy for them and they seem to do it all well with poise and grace.

I have also heard other ladies explain emphatically that they were never called to be a minister's wife and use that fact to explain or even excuse their attitudes toward ministry, the church and even their husbands. Most of these ladies are married to men who entered the ministry after they had married. They truly did not know what they were getting into when they said "I do."

Here's a thought: what if it isn't about whether or not we are called to the role of minister's wife?

In my case, I was definitely attracted to guys who had a heart for the ministry. I knew Wally had received his own calling to serve God by serving His bride, the church. But I knew, without a doubt, on the morning of our wedding day, that no matter what - I was called to be Wally's wife.

Biblically, we are one with our husbands, two sides of one coin. If he is called, then ultimately, she is too. So, regardless if we have or have not felt a calling, by simply being married to a minister, we have indeed been called to this role.

If this is where God has placed us, where He has ordained us to serve both our husbands and our churches, then let's accept His will and embrace who He has made us to be, not just any minister's wife, but our husband's wife. My identity is not simply a minister's wife, but Wally's wife.

My prayer and focus is to be the wife God desires me to be to Wally. Yes, part of that is how I embrace my role and my ministry as a minister's wife, but when my perspective is set through a biblical lens of serving my husband, it doesn't matter if he is a "professional" minister or a banker, teacher, or construction worker.

So, ladies, whatcha think? Are we called  or not?

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Pat said...

I believe it is a calling and just like our husband's ministry may change through the seasons of life, so may ours. Rachel Lovingood & Jennifer Landrith do an excellent job of addressing this issue in the first chapter of their Bible Study for Ministers' Wives, "In Our Shoes". I challenge those ministers' wives who haven't done this study to at least, get the Book and read through it yourself.