Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Thoughts

This morning, I find myself reflecting on and rejoicing over the Veterans in my life.

I grew up knowing my dad had served as well as my granddad, during the Vietnam and WWII wars. I said the pledge with the rest of my classmates and sang the anthem with the rest of the fans at whatever sporting event that I attended. I always respected the men and women of the armed forces and would look on admiringly especially at every God and Country service my church celebrated in the shadow of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

However, moving to Clarksville exposed me to a military presence that has greatly increased my appreciation for these amazing men and women who chose to sacrifice and risk so very much. Ft. Campbell may "officially" be located in Kentucky because headquarters and the post office are both located on the north side of the border, but the majority of this vast installation is actually in TN.

All of our churches here minister to these brave soldiers and their families. We see the effects of deployments and the long absences. I am blessed to love on Army "brats" and get to know Army wives through my preschool work at church. It is truly an honor.

As a result, I appreciate and value these brave Americans so much more. They are truly extraordinary. I am proud to share the local roads and the grocery store aisles with these heroes.

If you watch too much news or read too many politically charged articles, it is easy to be down on our country and her administration. But this morning, today, Veteran's Day, I choose to thank God for our great country and the servicemen and women that God has used to make us so great. Yes, I want to honor them today and show God my appreciation for them.

Won't you join me?

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Pat said...

Thanks, Tara! And, thanks for ministering to and praying for me as a parent when my son was at Ft Campbell! You'll always be special to me for that!