Friday, April 24, 2015

Blessings in Disguise

“God’s greatest blessings often come costumed as disasters.”  Max Lucado

For me a disaster occurs when my supply of M & M’s runs empty.  Panic sets in.  Then wonders of all wonders I discover a mini snack size bag of my “Happy Pills” tucked away in a drawer.  What a joyous blessing! Of course I am only joking about the M & M‘s disaster.  However, the above statement by Max Lucado is so true.

In May 2010, the Nashville, Tennessee area experienced one of the most devastating floods in the state’s history.  My husband and I were serving in a church in the Bellevue area which was one of the hardest hit areas.  We watched from our bedroom window as our neighbors’ homes filled with dirty river water.  Our church suffered over $200,000 in damages from sewage drains backing up into the church.  In our small suburb community, many people lost all their earthly possessions. Our home suffered damage as well but we considered ourselves blessed compared to so many of our church families and the rest of Nashville.

As soon as the disastrous flood waters receded, God poured out great blessings.  Total strangers stopped by homes that were a total loss handing out cleaning supplies, bottled water, or to assist in immediate tearing out of drywall, flooring or to help salvage some personal belongings of the homeowner.  In our neighborhood, people, who normally only waved at each other, were sharing whatever they had with their hurting neighbor.  One church member was even asked by a gentleman if they would like to sleep in his spare bedroom for the night.

Throughout the weeks and months of recovery from the Nashville flood, God provided so many blessings.  We saw our church congregation pull together to minister to its own hurting and invest in witnessing through service to our lost community.  Watching the ministry take place caused this ministry family to smile because it meant God’s people were doing exactly what the Bible calls us to do-share His love.

Never will another May pass that I do not remember the flood disaster.  I will remember how God brought together an entire Metropolitan city and surrounding area.  He broke down socioeconomic, racial, and religious barriers and united us to stand strong.  Max Lucado is right.  God often disguises disasters as blessings.

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