Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Satan is REAL

Satan is REAL.  Don't EVER let your guard down.  He knows your weaknesses and that is where he will attack.

I look around me and there are soooo many hurting people.  Most of the hurt has been because Christians have let their guards down. 

Marriages are in trouble.....homes are falling apart......children are disowning their parents....parents are disowning their children.

Many times I get too comfortable in my "present state" and can't imagine HOW any of this could happen. 
  • How can spouses stray? 
  • How can couples give up on their marriages? 
  • How can children and parents break ties? 
THEN....while praying for a family going through one of these situations, it just hit me.... It is ONLY by God's Grace that I am not wearing "those shoes." 
  • I am human. 
  • My husband is human.
  • My family is human. 
It could happen to us...................if we let our guards down and allow Satan to work.  That is EVEN MORE of a reason of why we need to PRAY, STUDY GOD'S WORD and keep an OPEN COMMUNICATION with our loved ones..  Do not allow Satan ANY room to work.

Please join me in praying for all of the hurting folks around.................and join me in praying that we ALL guard ourselves so that we may never wear "those shoes".

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