Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Working like a Duck

I have a favorite spot where I love to take an early morning walk.  It is a quaint neighborhood park with a beautiful pond.  On my brisk walks often I will pause for a moment and gaze at the reflection of the sky on the water.  Today, I passed a group of ducks gliding gracefully across the water.  These ducks looked so peaceful skimming the undisturbed water then I remember the unseen movement of their webbed feet.  Those little webbed feet paddled 90 to nothing under the water.  If they stop, the duck will slow to a stop and stay put. 

Isn’t that how the church and ministry is?  We may look like we have it together but actually there is a lot of working going on.  Think about this.

Worship service-Each week our church staff meets to discuss the upcoming service.  Details from sermon topic to music are discussed and prayed over.  To the outside, unknowing world of our congregation, they may believe the worship service just “happens” on Sundays.  But the true fact is there is always behind the scene preparation going on.

Church and Community events-Well here is a big one.  Just recently our church hosted a community fall festival.  We did not just wake up on October 31st and decide to throw up party together.  Months before the event, our Children’s Minister gathered a team together.  We all wanted to use this event as an outreach to our community.  We each took on specific assignments and worked in those areas.  The team worked hard to provide a safe, fun event for our community.  A week after the event, our congregation was asked to take a loaf of freshly baked bread to the people who indicated they would like more information on our church.  I am proud to say our event was a huge success because a lot of work and prayer went into it.

Mission Trips and Vacation Bible School-If you have ever been part of either of these events, you know that it is vital to prepare.  Mission trips require nearly a year notice in order for people to plan around their work schedules.  There are assignments given to the mission team and orientation/training is done.  Vacation Bible School preparation usually begins at the beginning of each year.  Teachers must be enlisted, materials ordered, and supplies gathered.  In both cases, you work hours and pray hard in order for the mission trip or Vacation Bible School to flow smoothly.

Sermon preparation-I can speak personally on this point.  My husband is a planner/organizer.  He prays diligently seeking God’s guidance toward a message.  When Ricky feels God directing him to a passage of scripture, he then prepares.  This does not take place the week of the message.  This prayer and preparation takes places weeks and sometimes months in advance of Ricky delivering the message.  During that time, my husband prays over every word he writes because he knows he will be held accountable to God for what he says.  It takes long hours, prayers, and a lot of work for my husband to preach one sermon.

I guess the point I am making today, girlfriends, is that ministry takes a lot of work.  To the congregation, it may look like things run smoothly.  However, you and I both know the behind the scenes workings.  We know that prayer and preparation are poured into each message or event our churches do.  Sure there can be some hiccups in the midst of the presentation but we know that Satan just loves to mess up God’s work.  However, just like the ducks on gliding across the water, let us not forget to pray for the work going on behind the scenes.  For when a church stops working and praying, the church can’t not fulfill its purpose-to win souls to Christ.

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