Friday, December 9, 2016

Stress Relief?

What is your Stress Relief?

If you don't have should.

To relieve stress, I will "fun" read or "craft" or "sew". 

For Roger's 60th Birthday this year, our son and daughter-in-law purchased him a carving pen making class.  WOW............what a difference that has made.  He has had a very stressful year with his secular job.  (They are out-sourcing to India.) 

He makes pens; ink pens with refillable cartridges.  He has gone WILD.  The store where he took the class is even impressed.  He is making pens out of pinecones....out of wood....out of deer horns.....out of acrylic....out of just about anything he can fine and they are BEAUTIFUL, and unique.

He has sold LOTS of them and given even MORE AWAY for gifts.  BUT....the most important thing..............he has given him a way to relief some stress.

What is your stress relief?
The top pen....bottom half is made out of a pinecone.

The 2nd one from the top is made of pinecone at the bottom and olive wood from Jerusalem on the top.  (He has started ordering "different" wood.)

This are acrylic and comes in lots of colors.

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