Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tennessee......what's happening?

I was on the computer messaging back and forth to my niece who is in Singapore and I told her that as soon as they left Tennessee....we went to pot.
  • A few weeks ago the horrible school bus wreck happened in Chattanooga, where six were killed.
  • Then the FIRES.......we live in Dayton which is in Rhea County.  For a few weeks, the air quality was so horrible that everyone had to stay inside because of all of the forrest fires on Signal Mountain and on Cumberland Mountain and the wind was blowing it up from Georgia.
  • .  THEN....the HORRIBLE FIRES that destroyed lives and lots of the Gatlinburg area...which affects all of us.  People from all over the USA visit the Smokey's every year.
  • the middle of the fires, in December....we had tornado weather.  One night, we were up all night.  The weather alerts kept going off...another tornado was coming our way.  I am pretty sure we were under a tornado WARNING for most of the night.  And just across the river in Athens, a tornado touched  down and done lots of damage.
It is hard to know whether God is trying to tell Tennessee something or, like Pat Brown said.....Satan is trying to stop God's people from doing great works in Tennessee.

Regardless...............we need to PRAY. 

Like Mrs. Pat said in her Facebook the middle of all of the tragedies, God's Love and Grace is being witnessed.  I think Satan would LOVE for us to ignore that and only see the bad.

Let's US help to make sure that Satan does not win the victory..................share the good.

The folks in our great state came together to help CHATTANOOGA.
They came together to help GATLINBURG.
And they came together to help ATHENS.

(These are just a few of the "happenings" near me.............I know all of you probably have stories to share and I would love to hear them.

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