Monday, February 6, 2017


Two weeks ago, our school nurse got a call.  Her parents were on a cruise ship and her dad gotten deathly sick.  They had to take him to the nearest hospital which was on a little island outside of the Honduras.  Thank goodness it was a fairly new American hospital.....but they still had primitive equipment, etc.

When traveling out of the country....this is everyone's greatest nightmare.

Long story short........they did surgery, cutting him from his throat to his groin area.  Discovered that he had diverticulitis.....which did not require surgery in the first place.  (They did not have the equipment to even know this without surgery.)

He had complications......and on Friday, while in Pigeon Forge at the Bi-Vo Pastors and Wives Retreat, I got word that he was not doing well and they might even have to go back and do more surgery.

We stopped and asked the entire room of pastors and wives from all over the state to PRAY for David Bott.  I sent the school nurse a text and told her what we had done. 

Not long after I sent the text, they DID take him back to surgery.  The stitches had burst on the inside and outside.  The nurse and her mom were on the phone during the entire surgery and received comfort and felt the prayers of all the praying warriors.

Today....I am excited to report that he and his wife are flying into Knoxville today.  He is doing wonderful.  He still has a long ways to go, so PLEASE keep those prayer pouring in.


The family is giving God the Glory.  We also need to stop and thank God for the equipment, technology and knowledge that we have medically here in the United States.  So many things we take for granted.

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