Saturday, April 29, 2017

So Amazing!

Have you ever had something you really wanted to see or do, and you waited and waited, and it finally came to fruition? Well, after fifteen long years (it seemed long to me!) of waiting for something I really wanted to do, it finally came to fruition!

I recently had the privilege of visiting the gloriously amazing Grand Canyon! Oh my, it was more breath taking than I had ever imagined!!

Words really cannot describe the beauty of this natural wonder. My husband, youngest daughter, and I walked along the South Rim of the Canyon, stopping at the various viewing points to bask in the view of this marvel of God’s creation. Also, the beauty of the Canyon was so unique at each lookout point; no two vistas were exactly the same. It absolutely filled my heart with worship:

“Sing to Him, sing praises to Him, speak of all His wonders.” 1 Chronicles 16:9.

God is so good, that not only does He meet all of our needs, but He also allows us to experience many of our wants, such as this trip that I waited 15 years to take!

During our time out West, not only did we see the Grand Canyon, but we also visited Hoover Dam (I’m still in awe of that spectacular engineering feat!) and Red Rock Canyon National Park; it was as if God took a cosmic crayon and literally painted those massive rocks in different shades of red, truly amazing!

Although we experienced some incredible things on our trip, nothing compares to the amazing wonder of God’s provision of giving us, who are broken people, a perfect Savior!

I know that we have just celebrated Resurrection Day, but the celebration does not end when the day passes on the calendar. Every day we can celebrate God’s awesome plan of redemption; how wonderful that the Lord provided a way for lost people to be reconciled to Him, and it is only through His Risen Son!!

Jesus paid it all for OUR sins:

He suffered, so we would not have to suffer.
He died, so we would not have to die spiritually.
He arose, so we can be raised to a new life.

“Easter Sunday” is over, yet the meaning of all that Christ accomplished for us on the cross is an everyday reason to rejoice!!

Yes, I waited fifteen years to see the amazing Grand Canyon; but what is even MORE amazing is that a person can receive Jesus Christ today, at this very moment, and have all of their sins paid for in full!!

The cross of The Lord Jesus Christ…. So Amazing!!!

“For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people.” Titus 2:11

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