Monday, October 28, 2013

Be Careful What You Say

Do you have Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media?  I have a Facebook account but I refuse to do anything else.  I would much rather talk face to face with someone than share over through social media.  My husband does not and will not have anything other than email, because he wants to speak with people face to face.  He contends, as well as many other people, that are we slowing forgetting the art of face to face communication.  I am not saying it is bad to have all the social aspects of interacting but at times we vent or share things that can be hurtful.

A few days ago I was checking our church’s Facebook site to see if I was down for Children’s Church.  What I saw not only shocked me but upset me.  An individual (a church member and a former minister) used the site to call in to question a certain “church policy.”  He vented his disagreement publically so the entire church family could see.  Girlfriends, I was upset and disappointed.  Here was a friend and fellow servant of God who should know better than to spill his anger on Facebook.  My first reaction was to down a full bag of M & Ms and then “express” my anger at this person.  Thankfully, God did not allow to do that.

When my husband found out, he called the person.  My husband explained that he was disappointed and hurt that something so trivial was placed on Facebook openly.  It not only put a bad light on the church but on what God was doing in our church.  When my husband gave all the details of the certain issue to the person, they quickly told my husband they were sorry.  They did not have all the facts and he would immediately take down their comments from Facebook.  

My point is that no matter who you are-minister, staff wife, or member of the church-we need to be very careful of what we say on any social media.  I love my church and my church family.  I would never want to bring disgrace or harm God’s bride.

Have you ever had the social media craze hurt you, your husband or your church publically?


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