Wednesday, November 19, 2014

In the Moment

A couple of weeks ago I was nestled in a Northwest Arkansas mountain lodge with fifty other women for a fall retreat.  Late in the afternoon I slipped outdoors and settled in a rocking chair on the porch.  I needed a moment to catch my breath.

A soft rain splashed from heaven.  Creation sang with chirps and croaks.  Occasionally, a gentle, cool breeze blew across the porch.  I knew that God was there in the moment.

As I looked across the field, I spied a grey squirrel scurrying across the wooden fence rail.  His little mouth was packed with a tasty nut to add to his winter supply of food.  God was there in that moment.
Throughout the weekend, God was in the moments.  He was with our team as we prepared to host the ladies from our church for this retreat.  He was in the laughter and tears as we shared in His word and through the message of our speaker.  God was in the moment of girlfriends bonding and in all the silliness that comes when ladies get together.

As a pastor’s wife I often forget to enjoy the simple moments.  I miss seeing God in the moments of my grandson’s sweet smile.  I fail to see God in the moment of a crisp fall day.  Why?  Because I am often rushing from one event to the next never realizing God is in each moment of my day.

Sisters, our Father is in your moments as well.  Each second ticks away on our life clocks and they can never be recaptured.  This month I challenge of us to stop for a moment and be in the moment with the Lord.

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