Monday, November 17, 2014

Just for Fun

A few weeks ago several of my ministry sisters were discussing how many wives and ministry families were discouraged.  It seemed several “safe” online pages for ministry wives were filled with news of firings, battles with the church, or personal family struggles.  In order to redirect our thinking, our group decided our network page needed to have some humor.  As a result I, being the crazy, blonde, fun-loving, chocoholic pastor’s wife, posed the following question:  “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go AND what flavor of M & M’s would you eat while there?”

In reading your answers, I laughed my head off and spewed a mouth full of perfectly good M & M’s all over my kitchen.  In order to hopefully bring a smile to your face, get you to laugh out loud, and help you forget the trials of ministry life, I want to share my findings.

I discovered that peanut M & M’s are the overall favorite.  Of course they are.  After all, they are our “nerve” pills.  The close second answer was “all” varieties which I will “amen.”  Seriously, why discriminate.  However, sadly one sister, Becky Dinkins, is a Plain Jane and will stick with original M & M’s.  Ladies, we need an M & M party to introduce our dear sister to the world of M & M’s. 

My big question is for Jewell Burke.  What makes “blue” M & M’s so special?  I see no need to differentiate.  I mean all M & M’s should have the equal honor of being consumed by desperate ministers’ wives.

While we are on the subject of a specific color of M & M’s, wait until you hear Amy Shivar’s explanation for the “green” ones.  While she is traveling to Australia and New Zealand with an extended stay in Hawaii, she is going to nibble on green coconut M & M’s.  Why?  Amy states, “Everyone knows that the green ones make you sexy!  After all, ministers’ wives sometimes carry the stereotype of being “frumpy” when in actuality we enjoy feeling good about ourselves and being stylish.”  Well, that is an eye opening fun fact!  So girlfriends, eat your greens!!!

In my extensive research, Hawaii is the favorite destination for ministers’ wives.  I think we all agree that Hawaii is a beautiful place and the waters are inviting.  Of course, I, being a beach bum, would choose any sun kissed, sandy beach where I could sit back and listen to the sound of the ocean waves.  Oh wait, I got so relaxed that I better go grab my jar of coconut M & M’s because they’re my favorite for the beach.

One other favorite destination comes from Joy Mercer.  She wants to tour the British Isles—Scotland, Ireland, and the British countryside.  She loves dark chocolate mint M & M’s so that will be her choice for the trip.  Of course, I assume she would eat the green ones since she will be in Ireland.

Girlfriends, I know this post is pure silliness but we all need to remember to laugh and leave our cares before the Lord.  Besides, who said being a Christian or a minister’s wife is not fun!  Hmm, let’s plan an M & M’s retreat!!! 

By the way, I still want the rest of you to answer this question:

  “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go AND what flavor of M & M’s would you eat while there?”

I would really like to know where Ms. Jeanne Davis would travel and what her choice of M & M's would be?  

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