Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Okay...I am trying my best to reverse the feeling of "stressed" this year and turning it into "desserts".  

Every year...about this time, I begin to get stressed.  There is soooo much to do and so little time.  This year, I am trying to take a different approach.  (Notice I typed TRYING and not I AM TAKING).

Roger and I, over the years have discussed what we were getting everyone for Christmas, but, in the end, it was always my job to follow through.  I was the one that shopped, wrapped, etc.  Last year, right before Christmas, Roger looked at me and said, "I know you always buy the presents, but have you ever stopped to think that MAYBE I would like to do more too?"  Well....one of my flaws or gifts (whichever way you want to interpret it) is I remember....

So, this year, after discussing suggestions, I have bought for our "girls" and he has for the "guys".  We have both taken the time to buy for the babies.

Wow.  A simple little task like that has taken tons of stress off me.  I have NO problems finding things for the girls, but the guys are always much harder for me.

Initially, I begin to stress....what IF he (being Roger) does not "get it done".  Then, I "Let it Go" and decided that Christmas would not end if the guys received gift cards at the end.  
And, guess what?   The guys will actually have presents too.

Not only have I let go of some duties...........this year, Roger and I have learned to say "NO" to some engagements.  

We always enjoy attending the Associational Pastor's Banquet, but this year we are double-booked and that is not possible.  

Our younger couples decided they wanted to enter a float into the Rockwood Christmas Parade, which fell on a night that did not work with our schedule.  I am PROUD to announce that Our Church had a BEAUTIFUL float.....an EXTRA LONG flat-bed trailer pulled by a large 18-wheeler......with lights, etc.  AND....the float was FULL of our church members, where they road and sang Christmas Carols and Praise Music...........all without US.  (I don't know about you, but when we first came to this church where there was 12 in Sunday School and 32 for preaching and if ANYTHING got done, we did it......................it makes my heart smile to see how not only has our church grown in numbers....grown together...they have grown in the Lord and everyone chimes in and is excited to work for the Lord.  Praise the Lord.)

The last several years I have been so stressed and our calendars have been so full that we do not even get our tree up until the last minute. 

The tree is up this year.  Most gifts have been purchased.  I am wrapping as I go.  We are having an early Christmas in Alabama with both "families and moms" on Dec. 13th. 

NOW....it looks like I am going to have time to actually sit back and enjoy some DESSERTS since I am not so STRESSED.

My advice to you is:
  • Let it go.
  • Delegate jobs
  • Share responsibilities
  • Remember............Christmas will happen REGARDLESS.
  • Sit back and enjoy some desserts.  You can always loose the extra pounds in January when EVERYONE will be dieting.  Smile.
  • JESUS IS THE REASON for the season and nothing else really matters.
Now....enjoy your holidays.  I sure plan to.  And, remember...stressed is desserts spelled backwards.

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