Thursday, December 11, 2014

Enjoy the Moment

I mentioned earlier that this year I am trying to let go of stress.  It is working.  Had I not made some major changes in the holidays, this year could have been more stressful than ever.

On top of the normal, wrapping presents, baking, too many engagements....this year we are adding Physical Therapy 35 minutes from my house three times a week....AND a fun trip.

When going to my doctor for my routine physical I mentioned that I get cramps in my upper abdominal area when I turn funny or bend funny, he immediately was full of tons of questions.  I explained that the right side had done that for 29 years, since our daughter was born.  But the left side was more severe and had just started a few months ago.  To shorten the story....he sent me for an MRI to rule out the "bad stuff".  Then, he sent me for Physical Therapy to try to strengthen the muscles to prevent it from happening.  Not just ANY physical therapy.  He wanted me to go to a specific one in Hixson.  (It is only 35 minutes from home, but a little over an hour from my work.)  For two weeks, I go three times a week.  BINGO...there goes THAT day.  By the time I make a couple of stops and get home, there is very little time left in the day.

Our son and daughter-in-law that lived with us for a little over a year, gave us an early Christmas Present/Thank You Present "for allowing them to live with us for a year, etc.  On Dec. 21-23, we will be in Nashville.  They purchased us the Opryland Hotel Country Christmas Package:  Restless Heart dinner show; General Jackson holiday cruise, Rockettes, Ice show, Craft show, etc.  We are VERY excited to take this "Fun Trip". 

However....had we NOT chilled this year, we may have not so much enjoyed the trip.  Usually the last few days before Christmas is crunch-time.  NOT this year.  We are going to sit back and enjoy it.

Instead of cooking a big Christmas meal for my kids, we are going to grill steaks and have baked potatoes and salads.  Simple....and probably a welcome change after all of the casseroles, etc. 

Also...I am happy to report that the Physical Therapy that seemed so impossible at first, has allowed me to grab a couple of gifts each trip I make to Chattanooga..........and I have been VERY impressed and the doctors have been even more impressed with the results.

Let's enjoy the moment...........even if changes need to be made.

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