Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Today is bittersweet.  

Our first grandchild, Cameron Lee begins Kindergarten.  

Today is just a meet and greet half a day.  He is sooo excited, but I think back and wonder where the time went.  For five and a half years, momma, mimi and Ms. Sky have been the three most important females in his life.  

NOW....another female will be added.

He is soooo excited, but we are nervous.  We won't be there.  AND...his sister, Kinley Grace, who is only 13 1/2 years younger is devastated.  She does not want her Cam to leave her.

Cameron is one of the most compassionate little fellows I've ever met, with a servant heart.  He never meets a stranger..............which is sometimes scary.  There is no doubt, he will be fine..................I'm just worried about Momma, Mimi and Sister.

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