Friday, August 10, 2018


YIKES............I've been a victim of a scam.  It could have been worse, but it was still annoying.

Three weeks ago, after church on Sunday, I was checking my email and I had THREE emails from Kohl's Department Store thanking me for my online orders.  One was placed at at 11:55 and one at 12:05.  During ALL of these....I was at CHURCH.

Because I had taken ALL of my unnecessary papers and cards out of my purse when we went on vacation a few weeks ago, I did not have my Kohl's credit card with me, but I got online and found a phone number to call.

After talking and explaining for 35 minutes to a non-American........he thanked me over and over for calling immediately so that they could CANCEL the order before it was processed.


Imagine my frustration when on Tuesday....two days later, FedEx delivered a GIANT box from Kohls.  When I checked my account...............the total oft he three orders were over a thousand dollars.

I called Kohls back and told them I had been told on Sunday that the orders were cancelled.  I was then told that ONE order was cancelled..........they were unable to cancel the other two orders.  There were 15 designer backpacks in the huge box on my porch.  YIKES.  AND...another package coming with 10 more designer backpacks.

The lady said she KNEW I did not order it and it was a common fraud............they order something ridiculous and have it sent to your house.  They don't send it to their house because they don't want caught.  (I guess I can be thankful that it was not ordered, charged to me and sent to a P.O. box that could not be traced.)  Still....I was frustrated.

In the end....I received two large boxes.  Kohl's sent UPS to my house twice.....picked up the boxes and returned them.  Eventually the $1,000 + was taken off my credit was frustrating and inconvenient. 

Apparently they did not hack into the actual credit card.............they hacked into my online Kohl's account and the credit card was linked to that account.  They have since removed the credit card from the account, sent me a new card.....which I am debating to close comepletely (I only use it to get the extra discounts and pay it off at the end of the month.)...and I have changed the password on my online account. was scary, frustrating and inconvenient. 

Made me think about the "SCAMS" in our own church.  Don't act know what I mean.

Those folks that come in, usually gun- herselwhole and volunteering to do EVERYTHING. find out later down the road that all of that is a cover up for what they are REALLY like and also completely opposite of their real self.

Years ago, we had a lady that was working in our church and was always the first to volunteer to teach, lead or anything else.  One Wednesday night, she stood up and asked the church for permission to call around to other churches and get together a community Youth Revival.  The church gave her permission.  A week and a half later, she left her husband, who was a deacon at the time, for a druggie and we found out she had been using for some time herself and hiding it.  SCAM.

I could go on and on.  You make it through it and in the end, not as much damage is done as it could be is still disappointing, frustrating and confusing.

We've, just recently, been slammed with not one but two church SCAMS.  I guess as long as we are doing what God wants us to and following Him.....Satan will throw SCAMS our way.  I get that...............but it still is not easy.

Let's pray for each other that God will protect us from the real life and in church work.

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