Sunday, August 5, 2018

We Made It!

HAPPY 39 YEARS to my BEST FRIEND....Roger.....August 3,1979. 

Whewwww............this has been the most difficult year of our 39 years.  We have faced things and obstacles that we never dreamed we would ever face.

Just to name a few.......
  • We've survived some "old age" health issues.
  • We've survived unfaithfulness within our family. Not us....but another)
  • We've survived a very serious issue with one of our children.
  • We've survived the loss of my husband's secular job.
  • We've survived the divorce of one of our children.
BUT....together....WE MADE IT!   I would not have wanted to gone through everything with anyone else.

Don't you LOVE the peach with the red carpet in our 39 year old wedding picture below?  

If you will look closely at the back of the will see the two ministers that married dad on the left and Roger's dad on the right.  Both of them are celebrating with us together in heaven.

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