Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pregnancy Memories

I can honestly admit that I was genuinely surprised during my ultrasound. I thought for sure the technician would tell me that this little baby inside of me was going to be a boy. Why was I so sure? Because this pregnancy has been nothing like my first one when I carried our daughter. 

Now, I know my body is six years older and that time, in addition to falling madly in love with a newborn, does funny things to a momma's memory. But, I can honestly say that I do not remember my first pregnancy being as, um, uh, as "challenging" as this one.  Yes, I had morning sickness and I felt tired. I craved salty foods. But, nothing in my memories prepared me for pregnancy #2!

I am so thankful to be out of my first trimester now . . . I feel like those weeks are really a blur. I remember a variety of bathrooms and I had definitely claimed a place on the corner of the couch . . . I had no idea what was in the fridge, as I left all the food prep to my very patient, very understanding, very wonderful husband. 

So I took my memories of pregnancy #1 and compared them to pregnancy #2 and just assumed that I "knew" this baby had to be different . . . It had to be a boy . . . You know I think that sometimes, I just make God chuckle at me . . .

Nope, Baby #2 is most definitely a girl. 

As I reflected on this, I thought about how one-sided my memories of being pregnant before are. Yes, I know my husband agrees that this pregnancy has been different, but all my memories are of my perspective alone. They are merely from my own point of view and none of them very objective. And here I was making all these suppositions and expectations from them. Have you ever done that?

God has been so good to be my portion and my strength through even the worst of the morning sickness. But He has also been there for me in other ways . . . I honestly know that He is preparing me for this second daughter. Yes, she is a girl like my oldest. BUT, God is already letting me know that she is her own person and will be nothing like her sister. Maybe that is why He has made this pregnancy so very different from my memories of being pregnant the first time around . . . God definitely teaches me things through memories.

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