Monday, February 6, 2012

Bi-Vo Conference

WOW!!! What a weekend! Roger and I have just come back from our Annual Bi-Vocational Ministers and Wives Retreat in Pigeon Forge, TN. What an awesome and uplifting time we had.

Every year we say nothing can top this year, but every year (as our kids use to say…) it gets “doodier and doodier” and better and better.

We just spent three awesome days sitting under the guidance and teaching of Bro. Randy Davis, Bro. Bobby Welch, Bro. Willie McLaurin, Bro. Tony Rankin and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST…Sister JEANNE DAVIS. What an outstanding panel! You just can not get much better than that. They all blessed our hearts.

We were also blessed with the awesome singing of the Voice of Mercy”, which consisted of three young ladies. They set the tone and got the spirit moving. You would have had to have been dead to not feel God’s spirt.

Our theme this year was “Navigating the Battlefield”. I feel as if we went to Pigeon Forge to be fitted for the armor and now we are ready to go out into the fields. AWESOME!!!

My husband and I came home Saturday night and yesterday at church we were both so refreshed and uplifted….it was amazing. My husband preached with new strength and energy and even our church members commented on.

I am sharing all of this to tell you….when retreats and conferences are offered to you….PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE OPPORTUNITIES. As pastors and wives, we all need to stop and refocus and this is the perfect time. Retreats and Conferences are a great time to learn, to re-fuel, to re-fresh and to get closer to God and to our spouses.

A VERY SPECIAL THANKS to Bro. Ray Gilder, Marjorie Waddey and Lana Rose for helping make this a special weekend for us. We love you!

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