Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Do you compare yourself to others? Who do you compare yourself to? Other women? Other minister’s wives? Your mother? Your mother-in-law? Your sister? When you compare yourself to others do you sometimes find yourself lacking? And then other times do you find you are “better” than “they” are?

Last weekend I lead several breakout sessions at Indiana’s SBC women’s retreat. The Thursday night before the conferences began on Friday morning, all of the speakers met for dinner, prayer and sharing. As each woman was sharing about what she was speaking on….I was comparing myself to her! “She is so much more spiritual than I am.” “Her topic is much more interesting and challenging than mine is.” “She is more creative, smarter, cuter….and on and on.” By the time I left the dinner that night I had convinced myself that I had no business being there and that no one would come to any of my sessions much less get anything out of them!!

What in the world!! It seems like I am forever comparing myself to others and always finding myself coming up short. I look around (instead of up!!) and I think, “Why can’t I sing and play the guitar?” Be smarter? Cuter? Richer? More athletic. Have curly hair? Be more creative. Funnier, and on and on it can go!!

When we compare, it is sin!! When I compare—I become discontented!!! Discontentment is sin. I must confess it and turn from it!

Honestly, most of the time when I compare and find myself not as spiritual or as smart or as cute or whatever it is….it is true! They ARE more spiritual and smarter and cuter….the point is what does my mind say then? The enemy tells me that I should give up speaking. That I am a terrible pastor’s wife. That I am useless. BUT I believe God would have me take my eyes off of myself and turn the lies into truths. I must change my words to "Thank you God that they are so spiritual, smart, beautiful, etc." Does this make sense? Instead of beating myself up….I must keep my eyes on the Potter…not on the other Pots! I must be grateful for the work He is doing in the lives of others instead of comparing myself to them.

Isaiah 45:9 says, “Woe to the one who quarrels with his Maker…will the clay say to the Potter, “What are you doing?...”

Stop and think for a moment. On a scale from 1 to 5, do you compare yourself to others??


lam324 said...

Boy oh boy does this post hit me right between the eyes! I think I am the world's worst about comparing myself to others. You are right, it just leads to discontentment and (more) insecurities. Which those alone can just become a vicious cycle. In times like this I try to remind myself that I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

Kathy Britton said...

This hit home! Thanks for sharing.

Tonya said...


It's amazing how the Holy Spirit works. I just read about this very subject in my devotional yesterday, and it really blessed me. Thanks for sharing this....I guess I needed to hear it again!

Lana said...

Oh my gosh, girlfriend. Don't you realize those other "pots" have nothing on you. Why do you think I keep inviting you back to speak in Tennessee. You are all those things (well maybe not richer!) and God is using you mightily in His Kingdom's work. Can't wait to see you in April.