Thursday, February 9, 2012

Protecting Our Marriages - Part 2

Protecting Yourself from Other Men....

Women are different from men. Most men focus on visual and physical. Women focus on emotions and if we are not careful, we will find ourselves caught up and guilty of adultery. You may feel like you are not in danger at all. Let’s stop and look at the big picture and re-think that. We are ALL IN DANGER and MUST protect ourselves. Satan will attack women different from men, but he will attack both of us.

1. Beware of emotional adultery. Most women, especially pastor’s wives will say that they are not in danger, but sister, is there a particular man meeting your emotional needs ---more than your husband? Do you find yourself looking forward to the attention of another man be it at work, at the gym, at church or anywhere else? Is he feeding your ego, encouraging you, showing care for you and filling your head with warm words. Do you enjoy spending time with him and enjoy his company? BUT…you say, we are not doing anything wrong…This is what Satan would like for you to believe. If you had to move away or if he had to move away, would you miss him? If your answer is yes, then you had better WATCH OUT. Remove yourself from the situation even if it means quitting your job or quitting the activity that puts you in each other's company. You are playing with fire and are in danger of emotional adultery which eventually leads to physical adultery.

2. Don’t spend time alone with another man.
Do not give Satan that chance to temp you. Sin demands opportunity. Just like it is foolish for our husbands to counsel women alone (they should either invite us to join them or another man or at least leave the door open while others are close by)….it is also foolish and dangerous for us to put ourselves in that position of being alone with another man. I know…it seems silly, but it is better to look silly and be overly cautious than to later be sorry. Never give Satan room to destroy us. At the same time, be careful with the computer. Technology is a wonderful tool, but Satan has used it in facebook, emails, messaging, etc. to destroy many home. Do to allow the same to happen to you. It is EASY to type or text the exact words the other person wants to hear.

3. Control your thoughts. Keep your thought pure. Be careful of what you watch on TV. Be careful of the music you listen to and be careful of the books and literature you read. Satan is looking for areas to tempt you without you even realizing it. Filling your minds full of trash will cause you to fantasize which in truth is just plain ole lust. Sin. “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:” (Prov. 23:7) Clean up your thought life because thoughts almost always lead to action.

4. Work on your relationship with your husband. By working on your relationship and keeping God in your lives you are protecting yourself and your marriage. Keep God FIRST and our husbands SECOND. Keep the communication open with your husband. YOU be the one to play on his ego and encourage him and brag on him. Be there for him.

I know you are wondering why I have spoke of being faithful for two days. God laid it on my heart to share these words. Just this week, I have been told of two more ministers' homes that have been destroyed by adultery. These were good people from good homes. They never MEANT for it to happen, but they let their guards down and got caught in Satan's web of sin. They were just like you and I and thought it could never happen to them. Let's keep our guards up and protect ourselves, protect our husbands and protect our marriages.

Let's keep our marriages pure and not become a statistic. Marriage is a precious gift from God.

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