Monday, February 20, 2012

Something that is Better than Chocolate

Peals of laughter.  Shrieks and squeals.  Total shock.  Lots of jumping up and down.  I think that pretty well covers the scene that took place a few weeks ago in a city park during a family photo shoot.   I destroyed all the peace and quiet in this park when Stephen and Robyn announced that they were having a baby. 

I did not fully grasp what was going on until Stephen showed me the video he took with his phone.  Now girlfriends, this former cheerleader got a few feet off the ground to say the least.  The video has now been posted on my Facebook page and on YouTube (see Vickie Lee Going Crazy, vid-20120128-00000).  I told my family that I was going to charge a dollar per viewing in order to start a Vegas fund.  No, I am not going out there to gamble.  This is where my son and his wife are stationed and where my grandbaby will be born.

As I am still trying to wrap my hands around this new era of life, I find myself asking this question:  Why don’t we get all excited and jump for pure joy when someone comes to know Jesus as their Savior?  I know a lot of congregations who smile and say “Amen” when someone is presented for church membership through salvation.  I personally think we should shout “Amen” and give God a big round of applause for the miracle of a lost soul saved.

As you know my mind works in weird ways probably from all the chocolate I eat, however, this is the scene I envision that might take place in heaven when someone is saved.    God, the Creator of the universe, is sitting on the edge of His throne looking down on mankind in anticipation.  On his right side is his only son, Jesus, whose scars are evident and whose heart is pleading with one of his lost sheep.  The angels hover and the heavenly choir is hushed.   Finally, a lost human soul says, “Lord, forgive me of my sins and be my Savior.”  Suddenly, the heavens erupt in joyous celebration.  God the Father is hugging Jesus, the Son.  The angels are high fiving each other and doing somersaults.  The saints of old with people from all walks of life are laughing, shouting, and jumping up and down.  The heavenly choir sings “Halleluiah” from the tops of their voices.   

Now girlfriends, if me finding out I am going to be a grandmother brought out this much excitement in me; I am quite ashamed that I do not celebrate like this when someone is saved.  Nothing can compare to Jesus not even being a grandmother who adores chocolate.

Have a blessed day!


Sara said...

Congrats! I totally agree with you. We should celebrate more.

Kathy Britton said...

First....Congratulations!!! Excitign times.

Second...I agree. Our church claps when someone gets saved....claps when they are baptized and we have a fellowship meal afterwards in honor of them and to celebrate. We started this fifteen years ago....for the same reason. We shout and get excited over "happy things" and "ball games" let's celebrate the MOST IMPORTANT THING.

Kathy Britton said...

Exciting Times.........(and would you believe I teach computers. Smile. My typing skills need help.)