Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Doubting Thomas"

Since Thursday, we have been praising God for healing Roger. 

Already, we have run across some "Doubting Thomas's".  You know them....they are the ones that are always asking for prayer requests, etc............BUT, when God DOES answer the prayers, they are like, "So....he never had cancer?  Wonder why the doctor would say he had cancer if he didn't, etc." 

In other word, they want you to PRAY, but they really don't BELIEVE God will answer the prayers.

Why does God heal some and not other?  That is a mystery, but I am sure He has his reason.  It is not always God's will for a person to be healed.  Sometimes, he can use their sickness to minister to others.  Sometimes God chooses to heal to show Christians what happened when two or more are gathered together and pray BELIEVING.

Regardless.............We are giving God the PRAISE for healing Roger this week.  There is no doubt in our minds that PRAYER CHANGED the course of his journey.

Let us always PRAY.....BELIEVING.....and TRUSTING!!!

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