Wednesday, April 17, 2013

God is Still God


How quickly our world changes!

Last month when it was my turn to blog, my husband's older brother, James, had just unexpectedly passed. I intended on blogging throughout that week, but honestly, became quickly overwhelmed and could not live up to my honest intentions. Between trips to the funeral home, out-of-town visitors and trying to just "be there" for, well everyone, I fell short.

I had so many feelings I wanted to share with you, but looking back on it now, my feelings were so new and raw. It really wasn't the time.

So, I anticipated my turn to once again blog. I have some things that God has shown me over the last 5 weeks, but then Monday our world was turned upside down yet again.

As I type, some news outlets are reporting that an arrest has been made in Boston. Lives there have been forever changed. Families are planning their own funerals. A new reality is settling in for many Americans as we are all reminded how the world changed on September 11th.

Our tranquil everyday lives have all been interrupted and we are reminded of the many things we take for granted.

One of those things: God is still God.

I know this isn't "new" to any of you, but it is one of those things that God has shown me since James' death. The truth washed over me anew on Monday afternoon when I turned on the television to see the confusion and the chaos at the marathon's finish line.

What truth did God remind you of?

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