Monday, April 1, 2013


Here in Arkansas the weather is always a rollercoaster.  If you do not like the weather today, wait until tomorrow for it will almost always be a different type.  Springtime in Arkansas brings a lot of thunderstorms too.  One minute it is bright and pretty and the next minute Mother Nature releases her fury.

The other day I sat at my kitchen table looking out at a dark and dreary morning and listened to the spring thunderstorm.  The thunder rumbled and shook the windows of our house.  Lightning flashed and streaked across the sky.  Rain pounded on the roof top and saturated the ground.  My first thought was how long would this storm last.  Then suddenly, the storm ceased.  The sun began to peek out and the birds chirped in the springtime weather. 

In a flash, I realized that life presents in the same way.  We all go through dark, dreary thunderstorm days such as tough ministry times, tight finances, illness, and loneliness.  These events shake the very core of our faith.  Hopelessness sometimes streaks in and trials pound all around us with unrelenting force.  If we are honest, we wonder when these thunderstorms will end.

Then, one day we come out from our present “thunderstorm of life.”  We see the sunshine peeking out and it brings renewed hope.  Our souls sing celebrations of praise to the King of Kings who has walked with us through our thunderstorm and brought us safely to a bright new day.  We breathe in and relax for we have survived. 

Dear sisters, if you are walking in a thunderstorm, hold tight to the Father’s hand.  Let Him be your guide and shelter you.  When He brings your through the storm, do not forget breathe, relax, and praise Him for His care for you.  Then prepare yourself for the next approaching storm.


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