Monday, September 28, 2015

A FIRST for Me...

This past weekend was a FIRST for me.

Roger and I power-walked our first 5k......after walking in the one mile Survivor Walk with our son's mother-in-law.

I know that does not seem like very much of an accomplishment for most folks, but, trust me................that is a miracle for me.  We walked all over the place at the event before we walked the mile, then we power walked the 5k..............all over the hills of Tennessee Tech University (and for this amateur, they appeared to be mountains.)

We did it ALL in celebration of this sweet, sweet lady,Debbie Tollett that I asked you back the first of the year to pray for and also for her daughter, our daughter-in-law, Melanie....our DRILL SARGENT.  Smile.

Thank you for all of the prayers and please continue to remember her in your prayers.  Her cancer was a very aggressive type, so she will always have to be monitored even closer than normal.

Also, remember our daughter-in-law, Melanie Britton..........she was tested and just found out that she has the same gene that causes that type of cancer.  It doesn't mean she will get it, but it does mean that they will keep a closer watch on her.

Although my FIRST wore me out...............I felt HONORED to be able to "CELEBRATE" ANSWERED PRAYERS!!!!

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