Thursday, October 1, 2015


I LOVE FALL!!!  I love the cooler, but not cold weather.  I love fall festivals.  I love apples.  I love seeing the beautiful leaves.  I love hay rides.  I love standing by the fire.  I love that bugs are dying off.  I love that there is no grass to mow.  I LOVE FALL!!!

We have already traveled up the the Apple Barn a couple of times this season.  Yummy!  I love the "different" apples.  Our first trip, we brought back Honey Crisp Apples.  The last trip, we brought back Jonagolds.  There is no better fall snack than crunchy peanut butter and apples.  Yum!

I look around at the apples, the leaves, the pumpkins, etc............and wonder how in the world ANYONE could doubt that there is a God.  There have been great artists over the years, but no one that can paint as beautiful as the ones that comes from God's giant paint brush.

My preschoolers at church made similar fall trees to the one pictured below.

I know you are VERY busy.  All pastors and wives are stretched to the max............but please take out time to relax and enjoy "nature" before the busy, hectic holidays sets in.


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