Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Blessings.....when least expected

The last time I blogged I told you about our unexpected friend.....the one we met at Cracker Barrel......the husband is waiting for a heart transplant, etc.

Well......God has blessed us again.

A couple of weeks ago, we spent the weekend with some dear pastor friends in Pigeon Forge where we attended the Jewelry Show at the Convention Center in Gatlinburg.  We split up to get more shopping in, so Roger and I were wondering around and decided to have a wreath made for the outside of our house.  We purchased the necessary items and got in line to have the wreath made.

While waiting for our turn.....with many folks around....everyone begin talking.  Found out the venders  were from Mississippi;  found out one of the ladies in line was from Hixson and her husband was from Dayton and discovered that one of the ladies knew where our church was and was good friends of some former members that had since moved away.  We were asked how long we had been at our church.  I spoke up and said, "The first week of January, he will have been their pastor for 19 years."

One of the venders; a sweet young lady, spoke up and asked if she heard us right......was he a pastor?  Then she asked if she could share her story.  Two months previous, her daughter had had a baby boy at 6 month term.  He weighed barely 2 lbs. and was 13 inches long.  He was perfect, but soon developed a disease that preemies get that attacks the intestines.  Baby Grayson was transported from one hospital to another and finally doctors said his only hope was surgery to removed the diseased intestines.

After surgery, the doctor came out and said for him to survive, he needed about 18 inches of go good intestines.  He only had about 7 inches left so they needed to prepare to say their good-byes.

The family went in and fell on their knees praying for Baby Grayson.  The doctor, who was a Christian also, was very touched and went into his office and also fell on his knees and began to pray for Baby Grayson.  Two hours later, the doctor came back in and said, "Guess what?  The seven inches of intestines are working.  God answered our prayers." 

At two months old, he was still in ICU, but sucking from a bottle.  He had had a colostomy to allow his intestines time to heal and weighed 4 lbs.  PRAISE THE LORD.

Grandma asked us if we and our church would pray for Baby Grayson.  We exchanged Facebook info so we could keep in touch. 

Before we left, Roger walked over to "Grandma" and asked if it would be okay to pray with her right then.  She immediately dropped her wreath supplies and grabbed our hands.  Roger began to pray.  He was crying.  I was crying and Grandma was crying.

When he finished the prayer.........there were about twenty people standing around that was listening and not a dry eye in the crowd.  As we were leaving, several dear folks thanked Roger for taking the time to pray a such an unusual public place.

What a blessing to share that moment with them......and in the process we have gained another friend to keep up with on Facebook.

Don't ever miss the opportunity for a blessing.....when you least expect it.

Baby Grayson is holding his own, but please join us in praying for this precious little miracle.  God has big plans for this little fellow.

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