Friday, December 4, 2015


Okay.....this is Confession 101.  My attempt to keep the holly jolly Christmas Spirit.....flew out the window last night.  

Years ago when I was still living at home, my Aunt crocheted me and my brother a Christmas Stocking.  When Roger and I got married, she Crocheted him one.  Then when my two children were born, she crocheted them one.

It's our family tradition.

My daughter picked up where my aunt left off when God called her home to be with him.   She crocheted her husband a stocking for my house and then crocheted our daughter-in-law a stocking for my house too.

The year our grandson was born, she crocheted me a stocking for him.  Last year, before Christmas, she was VERY pregnant and did not get around to crocheting our grandaughter a stocking; we borrowed an old crocheted one that she had.  

Now comes the frustration.  Several months ago, I reminded my daughter that she still had to crochet her daughter a stocking.  She said, "Remember, mom....I finished it last year after Christmas and gave it to you?"

No....I did not remember.  I just hoped and prayed that it got put in the bin in the attic with the other stockings.  TONIGHT....we decided to get out our Christmas tree and decorations.  In the stocking bin, were seven stockings........but the last stocking was missing.

I have torn my house apart trying to find it.  NO STOCKING.  It would help if I could REMEMBER.

My husband says he kind of remembers her making it but does not remember what we did with it if she gave it to us.

I am soooo frustrated.............I WANT THE STOCKING.  

FINALLY.....I slowed down enough to pray and ask for God's help.  I still have not found the missing stocking.....but my frustration level has decreased

I will continue to search..............hopefully we will find it before Christmas.  If not, I may have to borrow the old one again.

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