Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bad Bosses

I didn't see the movie. Even though I like several of the actors and actresses that starred in the film, Bad Bosses. From the preview,  I could tell that it wasn't really my kind of comedy, but the idea behind it is intriguing.

We can all relate to not "appreciating" a boss in some job we had a some point in our lives. If we are honest, who hasn't fantasized about how we would like to respond if we could? Or maybe you actually did respond and have a story about the outcome. Maybe "they" could even make a movie about it . . . Oh, wait, "they" did . . .

There will always be authority figures that we disagree with and, at times, God may call us to stand up to those in power. Christians have to prayerfully proceed in how we handle those rulers and principalities.

We should be different. As Christians we tell a watching world a lot about God in how we respond to authority.  Check out 1 Peter 4. Peter told the "beloved" believers how to respond to an authority that was hostile to them. He tells us too.

No matter who wins the election in a couple of weeks, we can rest in the truth that God ultimately determines the next POTUS.  But whether the person in the Oval Office is the one we voted for or not, our response is critical and crucial.

Our response will say a lot about our faith.

If we really believe that "...there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God." (Romans 13:1b ESV) then our joy will not be shaken on November 9 if our candidate loses.

We may not like the winner. We may not understand why God has determined this specific outcome. We may not even be able see how anything good can come out of either outcome. BUT, through faith we can trust the One who is ultimately in control.

We can know through the scriptures that God will go to extremes to get His people's attention and praise. Not necessarily the USA, but His children are disciplined and tested. Why should the outcome of our election be immune to that?

Let us "pass" this test and glorify our God, no matter the outcome. We have Christian brothers and sisters across the globe that deal with more evil dictators and governments than we believe to ever be possible in our Land of the Free.

Our God knows what He is doing around the world and here at home. And while I don't understand His big picture plan, I can completely trust His heart and know without a doubt that not even a sparrow falls to the ground without His knowledge.

We might classify our next president as a "bad boss" but regardless of who becomes the next leader of the free world he or she is not really in charge- our Good God is and we should act like it. It isn't about who will be appointed to the Supreme Court Bench or which one is more trustworthy. It is all about how we faithfully face the outcome.

Our hope is in an Authority much higher than any "Bad Boss."

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