Monday, October 24, 2016

He Is Still the Boss

Tonight as I was getting the three year old dressed for bed. She stopped, looked straight at me and said, "You're awfully bossy."

I then stopped trying to help her put on her PJ's and looked back at her. Did she really just say what I think she said? Did she really just echo my exact words back at me? How many times have I said those exact syllables when refereeing a skirmish between two or more of my daughters? (Granted I try say "you're being" or "you're acting awfully bossy." But of course that is not what her little mind remembers.)

As a resumed directing her little arms into her little sleeves, I thought to myself that I have every right to be bossy when it comes to parenting. God has given me both the right and the responsibility to tell the two little and one not-so-little girls that call me mom, what to do.

I have the God-given authority over them. 

When I tell my girls what to do, I am not merely being "bossy," even if it seems that way to them. I am teaching and training OR we are running extremely late and I need all-hands-on-deck to get everyone with everything out the door and in the van.

Most of the time, I have a purpose and a plan when I exercise my authority over the girls. From their limited time on Earth, they may not get the bigger purpose behind my directions and instructions, but I still expect them to obey. I am the parent. They are the children.

I don't think I have ever been the kind of parent that practises the "Because I Said So" approach to parenting. From the time my oldest could discern my voice, I tried to be respectful of who she is as person and explain the world around her as much as I could. My mom says I am a patient mom. But there are times that it isn't in my girls' best interest to divulge as much information as they'd like. Yet, it is still their responsibility to respond with faithful obedience.

This is the way God designed it. He thought so much about this relationship, that it even has its own specific commandment in the list of ten. Plus, it's the first one with a promise. Look it up in Exodus! You wanna live a long life? Obey your parents! (Don't think I don't tell the girls this truth!)

I've been thinking a lot about authority lately, mostly God's authority. Then when Eliza accused me of being bossy tonight, I realized that I can be a lot like her in how I relate to my Heavenly Father.

Sometimes I can be a little "too big for my britches" and not want to acknowledge His authority over me. Yet, whether I acknowledge it or not, it is still there. He is still there. He is still the Boss.

He doesn't always tell me what He is up to. He seldom shows me why He does the things He does. He knows more. He understands more. As my loving, heavenly Father, I can trust Him to act in the best interest of my well-being and my relationship with Him.

I am the child. He is The Parent, and the best One ever at that. He doesn't make mistakes.

This week as I blog, I will be reflecting on God's authority. I think the most profound truth for me though is how it relates to me or better yet how I relate to it, God's authority over me. 

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