Monday, March 27, 2017

Job Description

I was just jotting down some fun ideas for a blog the other day and found myself writing a job description for a pastor’s wife.  Now, I can tell you that I have literally had some of these requirements mandated on me over the years in the ministry.  I even know a few women who have held down ALL the rolls listed below and still managws their own households.  I know; that is crazy!!

For fun, I want you to play along with me.  I have listed just a few “descriptions” of what I have been asked to do.  Now, I want you to post what some of the rolls you have had to fill.  You do not have to be a pastor’s wife to include a description. 

I do want all of us to remember that we are called to serve the Lord in our roles in ministry.  Sure, the stress can be high, demands overwhelming, and we become weary.  The pay is often minimal.  However, just remember, our Lord faced the same issues as we do and he still fulfilled his earthly purpose.

Job Description for a Pastor’s Wife

Must play the piano

Must sing and lead choir

Must be the director of VBS

Must lead the WMU

Must be a great janitor

Must be a master gardener

Must attend all services even when sick or when children are sick

Must attend all baby and wedding showers and bring a gift

Must provide meals for homebound person

Must wear the most stylish clothes on a shoe-string budget

Must teach Sunday School and ladies Bible studies

Must plan monthly churchwide fellowships

Must lead the Women’s Ministry team

Must be the church secretary

Must work in the nursey every week

Must serve in the children’s area every week

Must visit nursing homes, hospitals with pastor husband

Must be absent from work for funerals, noonday service, etc

Salary package:  $0

Benefits: Extra jewels in your heavenly crown

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Sara said...

Must not speak at business meetings....I will have more to add I am sure. =)