Sunday, February 25, 2018

Get Rid of Your Junk

Junk drawers! They hold all types of “treasures” that get misplaced and forgotten.   If you are like me, you have at least one in your home.  I will admit we have three junk drawers.

I recently “decluttered” the junk drawer in the kitchen.  I honestly think I filled a Kroger bag full of scrap paper, several screws from who knows what, and a lot of general mess that took up space.  The drawer is somewhat organized with a few notepads, a couple of pens, and box tops that I save for my grandson. 

After I tackled that drawer, I decided to “explore” the drawer of my bedside table.  As soon as I pulled it open, I was overwhelmed.  How did all that “stuff” get in the drawer!  I spent the next couple of hours sorting through piles of junk-an old cell phone, physical therapy exercise instructions, pens, paper, cough drops, and so much more.  I even found Chuck E Cheese tokens and a small bag of M & M’s stuffed in the drawer!  That day I threw away almost everything in the drawer. (Oh, I kept the tokens because I know there is a Chuck E Cheese visit on the horizon.  I ate the M & M’s because you should NEVER waste chocolate). 

As I have thought on those junk drawers, I realized I keep too much stuff that has no value.  After a while the junk becomes overwhelming and the drawer becomes difficult to shut.  Hmm, isn’t that like our life when we hide our sin or stuff down bitterness?

I am trying to be more intentional this year and attempt to declutter not only my home but also my life.  I have a long way to go but so far it is freeing.

God does not want us to hide our sin.  We don’t and can’t even hide our junk from the Lord.  Let’s face it ladies.  We cannot even hide the hurt of ministry from the Lord.  He sees and knows EVERYTHING. 

So, girlfriends, here is another challenge for you this year.  Go declutter your junk drawer.  While you are at it, declutter the junk in your life.  I promise, both are freeing.

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