Thursday, February 15, 2018

God Supplies Our Needs.....

Just wanted to share this with you.....

Another blog about our "situation."

Roger's secular job ended in November......and he can not draw retirement from it for a year. 

(I might mention that in his previous secular job....he brought home twice a month more than I brought home once a suddenly our income was reduced by two thirds.)

He has signed up to substitute teach at my school....which he is loving.  It does not pay great, but he sees it as a ministry.

When he left his previous secular job, he was given a severance package, so we have been able to pay off our bills.

Because of all of the stress that the secular job had put Roger in, he decided to take a couple of months off and decided to keep praying and see where God would guide him.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we were discussing things and decided that we are at a point in life where we don't need a lot.  Roger said....if I could just find "something" to do so that I could be guaranteed to bring home about  "X"  a month.....I would feel more comfortable.

We've had a peace about this entire journey.............and knew that God would take care of us.

Last night at church, the finance committee recommended to the church and it was voted on and  passed to give Roger a raise that was $150 more than Roger felt we needed.

We are still in shock. 

Normally, if asked ahead of time, Roger turns down church raises and asks them to give his raise to someone the worship leaders, etc.  The committee had NO IDEA how much money Roger felt he "needed".

God Supplies Our Needs.....

Now, Roger can relax......dig deeper in the God's word so he can even better feed us and substitute teach and "play" with his woodworking hobby.....while having time to "be there" for our members.

We do not NEED a combined salary of two times what I make................but we did NEED "X"  amount and God chose to give us extra.

God Supplied Our Need........we just had to be patient and trust Him.

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