Monday, April 12, 2010


I love spring. I love the weather. I love the blooms. I love the newness. I love Easter. I love the birds. I love spring.

I've always said that autumn is my favorite season, but after this winter I am not so sure that I have ever had a sweeter spring. Maybe part of my enjoyment of this season is more than just God's blessings of warmer temperatures and colorful flowers. I am really thankful for this season of life that I find myself in.

God has blessed us with good health and ample provisions. Wally and I have daughters we delight in and a realization of the gift of our marriage relationship. The busy-ness of the past month is behind us and we are in a place where we can look around us, breathe deep, and thank God.

I like being the mother of both a grade-school girl AND a creeper (since Piper is not quite walking, I don't think I can call her a toddler yet!). I am enjoying the challenges my ministry at the church. God is providing there too. I got to play in the dirt of my flower bed out back this weekend and have dinner with some good friends.

I am enjoying these blessings as they last.

Just as the heat, haze and humidity of summer will soon overtake these beautiful, blissful days of spring, soon ministry obligations, the girls' social calendars and the unforeseen responsibilities of God's sanctifying plan will replace these days of "extra" time and ease of pace.

I know that this is only a season and it too will pass.

Dear Lady, I don't know what season God has placed you. It may seem like a dark winter's night, or a spooky fall dusk. You may feel the heat of a parched sun-scorched summer afternoon. Regardless of the season of your world, take a moment and remind yourself of the things you know to be eternal, unchanging, and forever true. Respond as God leads you and trust Him to pull you through, for there is season for everything, every purpose under heaven. He knows where you are and He will guide you . . . to the next season

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