Thursday, March 1, 2012

Remember Lot's Wife

The shortest verse in scripture consists of only two words, “Jesus wept.” This profound and powerful verse makes us want to know why He wept and then wonder if we weep over the same things.

A few days ago another short verse (this one has only three words) hit me hard. Jesus spoke these three simple, yet powerful, words in Luke 17:32, “Remember Lot’s wife.” What? Why has this never hit me before? For sure...I have read that verse before. But I guess each time that I did I ran past it on to other things—or ignored it. I am pretty sure I have not obeyed it.

“Remember Lot’s wife”? Why? There is not even a mention of her name anywhere in scripture. She is only referred to as “Lot’s wife”. Remember her? I don’t even know her!! So I decided it was about time that I did know her. What was I to remember about her? Honestly, I can’t think of a single positive thing I have ever heard about her. Have you ever heard anything nice said about her?

She had a great beginning to her marriage—she had a close association with Godly people—she and Lot were close to Abraham and Sarah. She and Lot chose to leave what they knew and go with Abraham to an unknown land. But when she and Lot settled in Sodom, she got sucked in to the mess that was there. She made friends, accumulated stuff, got comfortable with the chaos. Before she knew it she had become accustomed to her surroundings and in her passion for possessions—she lost it all. Dana, remember Lot's wife! Don't get comfortable with your surroundings! Don't get accustomed to your possessions!

Because of the unbelievable grace of God the angels came to rescue Lot and his family from destruction. He came to literally pull them out of the mess and chaos. The angel took her hand and urged her out and was very specific when he told them to not look back. She did not obey and we all know she looked back and her pillar of salt is a monumental warning for us today to not look back! Dana, look longingly forward toward salvation and freedom and refuse to look back at what was or what could have been or what might have been.

Remember Lot’s wife!! Hear the Lord saying, "I have rescued you! Don’t stop! Don’t look back! Don’t long for what was or for what you used to have or for what your life used to be like. Take my hand and walk with me to safety!!” The escape route for us is clear! It is Jesus! Follow Him without hesitation!

Remember Lot’s wife!!

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Pat said...

Thanks, Dana! Been struggling with this a bit lately--not things, but people. Thanks for the reminder!