Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Psst! Rumor Has It


I am not one to spread gossip but I heard a rumor that a retreat for ministers wives will be held on September 21-22 at the Governor's Inn in the Pigeon Forge area.  Now, I heard that when these ladies get together they do not wear dresses and panty hose.  Shocking!  Why I even heard some of the ladies wear . . .SHORTS! 

The rumor mill also says there will be two guest speakers.  Jeanne Davis-oh my yes-the wife of the Tennessee Baptist Convention executive, will be there.  I heard she is so sweet and alway has a smile on her face.  I bet she has some secrets to share.  Oh and Dana James, a precious pastor's wife, will be speaking as well.  I heard that Dana is dymanic and full of energy. 

Hey, have you heard this rumor?  I heard that last year the retreat was a riot.  Now I do not know if there was an actual "storming the doors police involved" riot.  I mean it could just mean that there was a lot of laughter echoing through the mountains.

Now I know for a fact that last year's ministers wives retreat involved chocolate.  However, I hear that because of the overdose of chocolate last year that a healthier retreat has been planned.  I think they are eating fruit or maybe they will be talking about "Living Fruitful in Ministry."

Hey girlfriend, I think I may just want to check out this retreat.  I mean we are ministers wives.  I hate panty hose and I love to laugh.  Let's make a date to meet for this event and put the rumors to rest.

For more information on cost and how to register, contact Lana Rose at or Heather Beard at or call 800-558-2090, ext 2008 or 2061. 


Pat said...

LOVE IT!! Maybe this is how we should have "advertised" it from the beginning!!!

Sara said...