Monday, August 20, 2012

Why does bad things happen to good people?

Why does bad things happen to good people? 

Probably the same reason good things happen to bad people.  (Bad things also happens to bad people.)

If we never saw the valleys...... the mountains would not be so precious.  Problems help us to grow.  Many times, problems help us to let go and allow God to guide us.  As long as our little worlds are rocking along uneventful, we tend to get so caught up in "things" that we lean on ourselves instead of leaning on God.  Sometimes the "trouble" is just so God can get our attention so that he can guide us and teach us to be more dependent on him.

I was told once that it is easy to live a Christian life as long as you are surrounded by roses, but once you get into the thorns....THEN we can see what you are made of.  Over my years I sometimes feel that some of the "troubles" my husband and I have experienced were put into force just so others could see our reaction to it and how we handled it.  I am ashamed to say, that there were times when I probably failed the test and did not react in the best manner.  But, like the song says....He's still working on me.

Your glass can be half full or half empty.  The choice is yours.  My dad had polycystic kidneys and was on the kidney dialysis machine for twenty and a half years.  Some patients gave up.  Others became mad and bitter with God.  Up until the day my dad died, he praised God for his disease because he said it totally changed his course of life and made him focus on the important things. 

If you are down in the valley.....just remember, it will make the mountain top so much sweeter when you get to the top.

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