Friday, August 24, 2012

The End of Time

Roger and I have been counciling with a "hurting" Christian male lately.  He keeps saying over and over some things that have really made me think.  He keeps saying that his entire life he has had two nice piles.........the Christian Pile and the Unsaved Pile.  The Christians all acted and conducted themselves in one certain way.  The Unsaved Peoples all acted and conducted themselves in another way.  In other words, it was VERY easy to see who fit where...........the Christian Pile and the Unsaved Pile.

However.....that theory does not ring true today.  Today, more and more the PILES are getting all mixed up.  It is hard to tell the CHRISTIANS from the UNSAVED.  It seems like there are no longer any boundaries.

Ladies....this is just another sign of the end of times.  I am afraid that we are just beginning to see the results of this.  The future of America looks bleak.

Let us NOT get caught up in the norm (which for me is not hard, since I am rarely considered's make sure when folks watch us, they ALWAYS know which PILE we belong in.

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