Thursday, August 9, 2012


I was interested in finding out what the word “retreat” really means.  After all, there is a “retreat” for ministers wives next month, (are you going?  Oh, I hope so!!  I’d LOVE to hang out with you and get to know you!!  Go to link here and sign up!!).  Churches have "retreats" for students, women, men, staff, etc.  So I wondered….what is “retreat”?

To find out, I decided to see what Wikipedia, says “retreat” is and I was quite amused and struck by the various references.

1.      Retreat (spiritual), a religious or spiritual term for time taken to reflect or meditate.  Ahhh….yes!  This is exactly what I was hoping it meant!!  Time taken to reflect and/or meditate!  Oh how we desperately need to do this on a regular basis!!

2.      Retreat, in Indiana, is a small town!!  Who knew!!  I have lived in Indiana for over 3 years and never knew there was a Retreat, Indiana!!  Wouldn’t it be awesome to live in a place called “Retreat”?  Where every day was a retreat?  Hummmm…..perhaps every day we should live in “retreat”!  Daily taking time to reflect and meditate!  Pull out your fictitious suitcase and head for “retreat” town today!!

3.      Retreat (military), a withdrawal of military forces.  This was the one I am most fearful of and most often guilty of doing.  God does not want us to tuck out tails and “retreat” from the powerful enemy that is attacking us.  We are victorious over this enemy!!  We are not to be like the whipped, worn out army who has run out of ammunition, armor or strength and are raising the white flag of defeat!!  NO!!  We are to fight the good fight!!  But we must gather our armies together for reflection and meditation and to be sure we have put on the full armor!!  Do not “retreat” by withdrawing from the fight!

4.      Retreat (survivalism), a place of refuge for those in the Survivalist subculture or movement.  Oh, my chili!!  I have so many thoughts about this reference but space and time won't let me elaborate!!  Maybe another post!!  Ministers wives are definitely "Survivalists" in our own "subculture"!!  I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on this one!! J

5.      Retreat (bugle call), a military signal for the end of day.  How awesome would it be if at the end of every day we would stop, call out to our commander our praise and worship and love for who He is....for how He has led us....and for the victory that is His.

6.      Re-treat, to treat again.  Love it!!  “To treat again”!!  And again.  And again.  And again!!  Do it!  Treat yourself again and again and don’t feel guilty about it!!

Well…..are you ready to retreat??  Ready to reflect and meditate?  To depart, withdraw, flight, evacuate, hideaway, sanctuary, haven?  Do it today.  Do it every day.  Do it September 21-22 in Sevierville!

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