Friday, October 24, 2014

Take Courage

It may appear, at first glance, that after reading my last post…and taking in to account the title of this post, that I have fear conquered.  That all of the time I do it afraid.  That I never let fear make my decisions.  That fear is not the boss of me.  That fear is a non-issue.  Well, the truth is…I am fearful!!!  I am to speak to a group tomorrow and I am fearful!

Fear is the boss of me more often than I like to admit!  Many of my decisions are based on whether or not I am afraid to attempt said fearful thing.  So, battling this fear thing is not new for me…and it is for sure a battle!!  The enemy wants me to succumb to fear.  He loves it when fear rules.  After all…he knows I am an easy target. 

So…what do I do about it?  What works for me?  Here are a few tips.

1. Take courage!  Cour-age—noun.  The ability to do something that frightens one.  Take it!  According to scripture it is ours for the taking!!!  Look at these Words below!!  (By the way, the comments in italics below are mine...I sure am fearful someone will take offense and think I am adding a 'jot or tiddle' and changing scripture!  Fearful again!  It is exhausting being me!)

·  Be strong and let your heart take courage, all you (ministry wives) who hope in the Lord!!  Psalm 31:24

·  Wait for the Lord; be strong and let (let?  hummm….we must let it happen….stop stopping it from happening!) your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord!  Psalm 27:14

·  But immediately (I love how He does that immediately!) Jesus spoke to them, saying, “take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”  Matthew 14:27

·  Take courage and be men (or in our cases, women), O Philistines, or you will become slaves to the Hebrews, as they have been slaves to you; be men and fight.”  1 Samuel 4:9

·  Take courage, stand up!  He is calling for you (Can you hear Him calling you?)!  Mark 10:49

·  These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace.  In the world you have tribulation (Oh, yes we do!!), but take courage; I have overcome the world (Oh yes He has!!).  John 16:33

·  Say to those with an anxious heart (He knows when our hearts are anxious!!), take courage, fear not.  Behold your God will come with vengeance; the recompense of God will come, but He will save you.  Isaiah 35:4

·  He said, “O man (again, I repeat…oh women too!) of high esteem, do not be afraid.  Peace be with you; take courage and be courageous!”  Now as soon as he spoke to me, I received strength (receive that strength sister!) and said, “May my lord speak, for you have strengthened me.”  Daniel 10:19

Listen to His word and take courage!  Take it!  Wait!  First we must let go of that fear we are holding on to….our hands are full with fear….let it go….drop it!  Then our hands are free to take courage!

2. Remember what He says to me about courage.  (See above verses!)

3. Do it afraid.  Remember last post?

4. The dread is more often worse than the reality.  Powerful statement huh??  Even if I may say so myself!!  Seriously!  Dreading whatever it is that is coming down the pipe—real or imaginary—is most of the time worse that whatever it is that is in the pipe!!

5. Realizing that I miss out of so many blessings from God when I attempt to do only those things that I know I can do.  How can I see the Power of God work when I don’t put myself out there and do the impossible??  Seeing the power of God at work is really high on my priority list….I must take courage and do it afraid and watch Him work!

Oh there is so much more….but enough for now.

I must finish preparing to speak tomorrow and take courage and do it afraid!!

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