Thursday, October 2, 2014

Weakest Link

Our church has been doing great....growing in numbers and in the Lord.  Along with growth, come THE DEVIL.  He is NEVER happy when a church is doing well, so he will always show up somewhere.

During these storms, it is easy to get really upset with "people".  One thing that I have learned over our ministry is, don't be angry with the "people" or "person" that is stirring the pot.....PRAY FOR THEM.  The only way Satan can cause problems inside a dedicated church is to use someone internally.  Therefore, he will search out and use the weakest Christian he can find and by working through them, he can cause some damage...especially if we allow him to.

The battle is with Satan........not necessarily the individual.  PRAY for Him/Her.  She/he is allowing Satan to use them to stir the pot and cause problems.  PRAY and stick not give up and try not to get discouraged.  Battling Satan is hard, but if he is attacking that strong, it must mean that your church is doing things pleasing to God and Satan is torn up.

Do not let one bad apple spoil the entire bunch......if you have to, get rid of it.  Sometimes the tree needs pruned so new life can grow.  Life is too short to fight internal battles...........we have more important things to winning lost souls.

REMEMBER......SATAN is the enemy.....not the person but the person is guilty of allowing Satan to work through them.  


Do not allow Satan and one weak Christian tear down God's work.

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