Saturday, February 21, 2015

I've Got This!

My mother passed away in 2006 and my father died about eight months ago...neither wanted a funeral or a memorial service…nothing celebrating their life.  As far as we know neither confessed Christ as Savior.  Their wishes were to be cremated and then have their ashes scattered somewhere in the desert mountainous region near Palm Springs California.

Since there was no ‘service’ for my dad when he died in June and since my three brothers and I are living in several different states, we have not been all together since he died.  For months we had planned to all meet in California the week of February 8…the four siblings and their spouses/significant others.
For weeks I had been looking forward to going and getting to laugh, reminisce, and simply to be together…that is...until right before it was time to go.  I began to be sad.  It made it all seem so final and it brought to the surface of my mind and heart the pain of eternity without Jesus. 

Last week it was time for us to make the trip to California.  (And I might add...a perfect time for us to go since it is really, really cold in Indiana in February and really, really warm in California!!)  My older brother was not able to make the trip--sadly, his father-in-law was very ill and they just could not leave him...but the rest of us made precious memories as we spent time together.
Then the day arrived.  We drove several hours to what appeared to be the perfect site.  It was in the desert.  It was mountainous.  It was beautiful.  We walked in silence…hand-in-hand with our loved ones…along a trail.  Then there it was!!  Standing right before us….staked in to the ground….the name of the trail we were on.
The HENDERSON trail!!  The significance??  My parent’s last name….HENDERSON!!!
Was it planned by us???  No!  Did we know?  NO!!  Did God know?  YES!!  It was as if He was saying to me, “Dana….I’ve got this!  I am aware of everything….and I love you!!”  A beautiful gift.  An assurance that He is on His throne!

I am in awe of Him….of His Power and of His omniscience.  Of His personal care for one of His daughters who needed to be reminded that He is Present.  Look for Him.  Look for the stake in the ground along the trail you are on and see Him loving you.

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