Monday, February 23, 2015

Only Fear the Lord

I don't consider myself a "Worry Wort." Actually, I think I am a pretty laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of gal. I am definitely NOT obsessive or compulsive about cleaning or germs. (I've taught my girls the 5 Second Rule as a way to teach them to count to 5!)

So, this morning as I was contemplating my memory verse for the week, I found myself convicted and surprised.

My verse, 1 Samuel 1:24, begins with this phrase: "Only fear the Lord..."

At first thought, I considered this exhortation extremely easy. I don't really have any phobias. I don't LIKE spiders, but I am no longer really scared of them.

Then the Holy Spirit prompted my heart.

In my prayer journal I began to list the things that I am afraid of. I am embarrassed to admit that my list was a lot longer than I had imagined. Nothing on my list was unreasonable and would resemble most mothers of my age. Yet, still there they were in my own handwriting, showing me my own lack of faith.

Honestly, it was a really sobering and humbling experience. The only fear I should have is a feeling of reverence and awe of the One who takes away all those others I listed.

This afternoon I found myself in the dentist's chair undergoing an unexpected root canal. (Believe it or not, I had inadvertently left off my fear of dental work this morning!) As the sound of the drill filled my ears and as I stared at the dead fly in the florescent light above my head, I found myself repeating, "Only fear the Lord. Only fear the Lord. Only fear the Lord."

Not what might or might not happen - Only fear the Lord.
Not what someone else might think of me - Only fear the Lord.
Not what God may ask me to do or give up or lay down - Only fear the Lord.

So this is where I am today . . . praying and confessing and learning how to ONLY fear the Lord.

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