Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Serve Him Faithfully

Dear Minister's Wife,

I KNOW you can relate to me. I KNOW you've been there.

Each day of every week has at least one church related obligation or responsibility for you and/or your husband. As you faithfully serve beside him, it is easy to become weary. It is understandable to grow tired. No one could fault you for getting to the point of merely going through the motions.

You feel under appreciated and maybe even taken advantage of. Sometimes, too many times, church members just aren't very Christ-like and you know you must be the one to turn the other cheek.

The next phrase of 1 Samuel 12:24, that I am focusing on this week, is this: "...and serve him faithfully..."


This definitely stepped on my toes.

It's in these seasons, the Holy Spirit gently reminds me WHO I am faithfully serving.

Ladies, we aren't to serve the choir, the Sunday School Class or the WMU. We aren't to serve the church as a whole or even our families. Our husbands are not even mentioned here.

When the recipient of my service is my Savior, I am able to do so much more than go through the motions. If I am going to yet another committee meeting or throwing another load in the washer I can do it with the right motivation and it is no longer such a chore.

Lord, PLEASE help us serve YOU faithfully. Keep our focus on YOU and YOU alone.

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