Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First World Problems

Oh the dilemmas we face living in a first world country!  Such trauma and frustration it can bring to our lives!!

Firstly (that is what Keith Urban would say re: American Idol), is there really any such thing as a “first world county”??  Sure, we know about “third world” countries…but is it correct for me to assume there are also “first world” or even “second world” countries?

Secondly, if I wanted to know if there was such a thing as a first world country….which search engine would I use?  Google?  Web Crawler?  Decisions, decisions we first world-ers have to make.

Thirdly (and this will be the last of the ‘ly’s’ because my list is likely to be long) I am sitting in Panera right now because my Internet provider at home will not allow me to send emails…so I have to go elsewhere to send.  Of all things!!!

More first world troubles...
  • Where should my friend and I go to lunch today?  What shoes do I wear to meet said friend? 
  • I am off of work today and I'd love to get a pedicure!  It has been months and months since I had one and it sure would be fun.  Or should I wait until I go to Tennessee in a few weeks and can actually wear flip-flops?
  • One cup of coffee or two?   Or should I get tea?
  • Necklace or scarf?  Does the scarf accentuate my wrinkly neck?
  • Sweater or jacket?  What if it rains?
  • Bottled purified water or bottled spring water?
  • Pay by credit or by debit?
  • Burger or sandwich?  Fries or chips?
  • Dish or cable?
  • Ordering on line is great except that I have to get up to get my credit card.
  • I want to turn off the TV and go to sleep but the remote fell off of the bed and is out of my reach.
  • As I sit here in Panera my computer starts talking....loudly....spitting out some news or something.  Be quiet computer!!  Why are you talking??  Stop embarrassing me!
  • My shampoo and conditioner never run out at the same time.

I have to go to the bathroom right now because I drank way too much of Panera's tea but that means I have to take my computer and Bible and notebook and tea and purse and bag that carries said computer and Bible and notebook...because I am afraid someone might take them....which is sad....except that I would like for them to take my Bible.  BUT taking it all in to the bathroom is way too much trouble...but I don't want to wet my pants before I go to lunch with said friend.

These are some of the many predicaments we find ourselves in…first world predicaments…and the list could go on and on.

There are also first world church pickles (and I don’t mean the kind you eat)!  Wouldn't that be a fun list to make??!!

The next time we find ourselves in predicaments, pickles, dilemmas, or whatever you want to call it….let’s stop and pray for those who would do anything for shampoo, money, coffee, a shower, lunch, clothing, a bathroom, a computer, etc. 
I hope you heard my sarcasm..You get the message.  Lets live with gratitude.

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